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Thread: Testing crowd limiting

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    Besides this idea I think it might be helpfull if you folks at Funcom came up with a performance tweak list of things we can do to improve pvp. Things like turning down certain effects, resolution or whatever.
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    Won't work

    Sorry Cz, it won't work.

    On an 80 capped area (which I have fought in many times) the lag is such that the complications still occur. The servers simply can't handle close in battle with 80 people in close range.

    The major problem that exists right now is simply the ability to correct some lag on the servers. I would recommend that the cap be set to 50 period on any given scale. Reinforcements can sit idle in the ranks to fill up the dead in waves but 50 people is more doable. More than 50 and you have a lot of problems occur.

    The biggest problem is the "catch up" phase where nanos take affect, roots, etc. By the time some of my nanos get across it occurs 3 min later into the fight and I'm already dead but it hasn't yet taken effect. Then after I die, I have to lay on the ground for another 4 minutes waiting for the changing area message to occur.

    There are serious lag issues and most of it is because of how the servers load the tiles and graphics in on that 40 meter area example. The lag and the way data is transferred via bandwidth need to be seriously looked at and not bypassed for worse problems.

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    Thumbs down

    This is a horrible idea.


    From the example of non-controlled areas, it sounds like if you're moving about, trying to get to a mission or some other area, and you happen to come across one of these areas where the limit of people has been reached you suddenly hit an invisible wall. If battle breaks out near you and there's too many people around you, you might find yourself teleported elsewhere.

    What kind of half assed attempt at crowd control is that?

    Under this method a group of people could feasibly camp an area and deny access to it indefinately. At least that's the way I read this.

    I say let there be crowds. If people don't like the lag, they can always leave the area themselves. This method of forcing them to leave is utter nonsense.

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    Please try keep this feedback to actual experience with the crowd limiting system, not suggestions/opinions about crowd limiting.

    Part of this testing is to try to decide how high/low to set the limits, its extremely difficult to judge how many are in a fight (especially when you are fighting).

    The aim of this system is to reduce lag for people when fighting, so if it increases lag that would be a major problem. There is no real sense in us using such a system if it makes the problems worse.
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    Guys, what happened to the TEST SERVER? Why cant you try out the these on the TEST SERVER! Get 80 people and do it, but you cant, the fact is you cant rely on the test server for these things so you take it to live, as you have always done, and let the PLAYERS suffer from it and then you sort it out, a few months later.

    Now if im going to be taken to some area becasue of a player cap, lol what happeend to freedom,exploration etc.

    Stupid and more stupid.

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    At first blush I dont like the idea of crowd control, but seeing that there could be hundreds of players swarming an area, there has to be a system which prevents server shutdown and utter chaos. That being said, perhaps there are other solutions to the 80 person limit.

    What if otherfunctionality was truned down when limits were reached. Perhaps there can be a reduced graphics mode and all of the associated graphics get turned off for 5 minutes. I dont need to see the muzzle flash and the sky if it means that the servers cant handle it. Its not really a numbers problem, but the after affect of those numbers.

    Are there any other solutions which can be put into affect other than limiting the number of people in an area?

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    Well, despite what was said on the login screen CC was functioning on RK2 in Belial Forest.

    And my experience of it was as follows...

    I was helping to defend some guilds tower that was under heavy attack. I was the first person on site so to speak. And slowly over the next few min’s a small force gathered, we repulsed the enemy, and then moved over to the tower and held position. The enemy were not to be thwarted and started to muster larger numbers just outside the pvp area. More defenders started to drift in to the beleaguered base. All of a sudden I find I’ve been teleported to the other end of the play field!

    Well this so totally sux I cannot even begin to express my disappointment and annoyance. The first person to step up to defend the towers is all of a sudden unable to join in!!!!! I am speechless.

    I then spent 10-15 mins trying to get back to the tower only to be repeatedly warped about the BF play field before I gave up.

    Crowd control is the worst feature in the entire history of bad features, ranking along side the legendary 640k memory limit for dos. Can you really not figure out a better way to help with lag like cutting down on combat spam or hosting the zone on a server with more than 4 processors or something.

    I will say that during the time I was involved with the fighting lag was sort of acceptable, I was able to swap targets and cast with a usable (but slow) response time.


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    Pangur, if they belong to an organisation doing damage, healers will be low on the list, just like the ones dealing damage. Same with those who are rooted and can't get to the towers.

    Haxar, Grontha and Tiggy, crowd limiting was turned on for all of Rimor too, but I thought it was supposed to be turned off again when we started this test run. If it's still running, I fear it's running with completely wrong numbers. I'll check into that.

    Toadman and KasDan, noted. I'm going to see whether we can change the playfields today.

    Sollstice, you won't get thrown out unless the crowd limiting is activated (i.e. lots of people participate). And there isn't much to hunt for inside land control areas.

    Wolfheart5150, if you're unable to bring any more constructive feedback than that, feel free not to post.

    Xzantrial, the test server won't give us a realistic testing environment. We've seen weird results from that earlier, and want this tested by players participating in land control battles often, and with their own characters.

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    Is there a better way to define Defender?

    I suggest you add teamed people to the Defender group.

    Is there a reason that they are not? It already works for 5% gas situations.

    Do you fear that defenders will just sit there and lock out attackers?
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    Originally posted by Vergil

    I suggest you add teamed people to the Defender group.

    Is there a reason that they are not? It already works for 5% gas situations.

    Do you fear that defenders will just sit there and lock out attackers?
    the teamed helpers (non owners of the towers) would block other guild members trying to get in there then.... wouldnt probberly be so bad, but i would personally be very pissed if some fool who did not own the towers should block me from my own towers :P

    *when i say own the tower, i mean be in the guild that owns the towers...

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    Honestly think cap of say range of 50-60 would work a lot better than 80.

    Also this Cword Control will be giving attackers a HUGE advantage. Defenders with others in team atm considered Defenders as when base goes 5% they are safe. Defender I seen to this time are heavily dependant on alliances to defend bases.

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    I have no idea if this is related to Crowd Control, because it happened in BS. But yesterday I was with lot's of ppl at the clan tower SE from the grid. Sudenly 5 of us were teleported into the grid, and everyone was shouting WTF???

    I wasn't in a team when it happened, so I'm quite sure it wasn't a doc or a fixer who put me there....

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    this system sucks what is it worth if only x amount of people can defend a tower???? what will the others do get bored??? or maybe hear ther friends crying for help???????
    your ruining the game pvp(not that it wasnt ruined already) but now your blocking the option of big battles, instead of taking the easy way out why wont you fix the real prob??? LAG!

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    I was in tir country by grid station when i suddenly warped to near west gate to tir. I guess it was crowd control system... it was annoying, i am sure if i am in pvp for tower it is more annoying.

    Can i suggest try out few feature from eq, they made server side filters to battle spam, i mean what you filtered out from client, it wont come to client on network. DUnno, this solution seems to me a bad idea - not letting freely attack players is dead idea imo.

    Servers seems laggy and overworked, maybe would better re-examine serverside code or network code, network code is pretty weak, you _have_ to rewrite it, or dont want new players into AO, AO atm is on limits now due lags.

    So, if you want make _massive_ online game, do it, "crowd control system" as just try to escape from lag, but it is not solution, at least if you watch into future - you want more costumers, but environment cant handle it..

    You said you want feedbacks - i am against this.

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    Unhappy eh

    How can 40 attackers destroy a QL 250 controller and 4 QL 250 Turrets and kill 40 defenders ?

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    Re: eh

    Originally posted by Grekerr
    How can 40 attackers destroy a QL 250 controller and 4 QL 250 Turrets and kill 40 defenders ?
    They can' stop with the stupid questions. we could all say that this sucks, but fc wouldn't remove it anyways. so why the hell do you want feedback!? . we don't want it blabla

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    So you turned a broken function on with the wrong numbers on all of Rimor?

    All I can say is wow.

    I dito what Grontha said, I was defending The Dojo Towers in Broken Shores, got pushed back a few times with the 'Too crowded area' msg, went in after some died/left and got into fighting. After an hour or so I take a run down the defense lines and POOF.

    I'm in the middle of nomansland, right in the smack of a huge ocean, down in the left corner, with a looooooong way to nearest shore. No Yalma, not even able to buff my Swim proficiency :P . When I finally get to land, there's nowhere to zone, because I'm not IN a legit zone.

    Luckily I was teamed with an engi who could beacon warp me. But he was afk so it took a while.
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    Hmm.. the lag is measured by the graphics the user-system can work trough right ?

    So why are we all whining about the FC servers ? They can handle it, you all have a to weak system or your graphics to high.

    If you just play at a PvP graphic style ( wich means bad graphics or insane system ), you should be able to handle 60 ppl around you. I tried it at heavy crowded places like Tara and the new Tir Grid. Works great.

    So this test won't really give a nice view, simply cause the ppl with a less strong system will complain harder about lag.

    Example :
    low system user - can handle 20 ppl around him/her
    high system user - can handle 60 ppl around him/her

    Same area, different opinion. And should the hardcore PvP ppl ( with low graphics ), suffer for the high graphics users. Meaning a lower cap on the Crowd Control ?
    Sounds unfair to me ..

    Simply saying you cant test the crowd control limits.
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    hm loks god saunds god but i dont beliv in that system siply kus som ar beter pvper that others u risk hawing only lov levs or bad pvpers in the zoon vilest teh peps that kud mak a difrens aiter cant get in or sudely find them selvs somver els how kan a pc somver deside vats fer and ho to let in or not sounds to me lik a drem im seing meny fustratet pepes for me trying to get in to help or sudely not ther enymor if it vørks grat but pl let me now how u tink that som pc somver kan desid vats fer and not

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    Looks good sounds good but I dont believe in that system simply becuase some are better pvpers then others. You risk having only low levels or bad Pvpers in the zone. ???? the people that can make a differance ???? cant get in or suddenly find them selves somewhere else. How can a PC server decide who to let in or not. sounds to me like a ????. Im seeing many frusterated people for me trying to get in to help or suddenly not there anymore. If it works great but people let me know how you think that some PC server can decide ??? and not

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