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Thread: Testing crowd limiting

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    Exclamation Testing crowd limiting (now on EFP, SFH and DAV)

    We have decided to do a test run of crowd limiting before turning it on on all playfields. This to ensure it's working as intended, and to gather feedback from you players on how it affects land control battles.

    The crowd limit testing has now been moved to Eastern Fould Plains, Southern Fould Hills and Deep Artery Valley, and the values are tweaked to a cap of 50 and a delta of 5. This to get more people in the testing areas.

    The limiting will be disabled December 5th at 9am GMT.}

    The test run will be done in the playfields Mort and Perpetual Wasteland, and run from 5pm GMT December 3rd to 9am GMT December 5th. We will have a character cap of 80, and a delta of 5, for this test. (See below for explanation.)

    Please post your experiences with this test in this thread, plus any questions about the explanation below.

    How crowd limiting works

    Areas and tiles
    We check for crowds in areas of 3x3 tiles. Each tile is 40x40 meters, and the areas overlap, making each tile a part of 9 areas.

    We operate with two tweakable numbers
    - Cap: The absolute limit on number of characters allowed in an area.
    - Delta: The number of non-defenders that risk being deported to a safe spot.

    Uncontrolled areas
    In an area without land control, or a land control area without a controller, the only number used is the cap. If entering the area would mean the number of people would go above the cap, you will be denied entry (by hitting an invisible wall) until the number is lower.

    Controlled areas
    In a land control area with an operating controller, we differentiate between defenders and others. "Others" are everybody not belonging to the organization owning the controller.

    To better explain the rules, let's use the numbers from this test:
    - Cap : 80
    - Delta : 5

    The cap will be split in half, assigning 40 to the defenders and 40 to the others.

    As soon as the defenders have 40 characters in an area, no other defenders will be able to enter (hitting an invisible wall again).

    Others are also limited to 40, but here a number of people will be deported out to make sure others are able to enter. This ensures characters with no intentions to attack are not able to fill the area to deny attackers entrance.

    As long as the others are above half the cap, minus the delta (in this case 35), people will be deported until they are no longer above this number.

    When selecting characters to deport, members of organisations that have done damage to towers in the entire land control area are placed last on the list, and will not be deported (unless they're all of the same organisation, in which case novody will be 'safe'). This ensures that any non-attacking organisations will be moved out first, as long as the attackers have done at least some damage to the towers.

    Deportation points
    The deported characters will be moved to set locations in the playfield. Each playfield has three points for each side, and the characters will be deported to the closest one.

    If you have any questions about the system, please post them here. However, please let this be a thread for this particulat test only, and take discussions, questions and suggestions to other threads. I'll make sure to have a look at them all.
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    does teaming with a defender

    remove the "other" status from you and turns you into a "defender"?

    i am thinking about a guild trying to help out a friendly guild.

    *edit: how fast will these "pulses" happen?

    if it is a big messy battle people will flood to the place and out again. does the system check every minute, every 30 seconds or so?
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    Teaming with a defender doesn't make you a defender.

    I failed to get the exact time between the checks, but I believe they are approx 1-2 minutes.

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    ummm cap of 80? Thats what 30 more then allowed in camelot which is a lag fest itself. 30 or 40 max would be the limit if you actualy want most people to be able to fight without 400k pings.
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    I take it defenders over the limit can't grid in either, and neither side can beacon warp?

    I'd like to see a better mechanism in-game to support alliances, but being in a team that is at least 50% of is made up of the owning guild might be a simple enough solution.
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    Can't you test it in omni-controlled regions ?


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    Originally posted by Darkbane
    I take it defenders over the limit can't grid in either, and neither side can beacon warp?
    Correct. I'm not sure whether they will simply be stopped, or moved to deportation points though.

    I moved some posts out of this thread and to this thread. As I said in the original post, please keep discussion and suggestions to other threads, and let us keep this one to the testing itself.

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    I would suggest you limit it to 4 people from each side as we know anymore then that would be lag hell. The ultimate suggestion though would be to clean up your code and bring your servers out of the stone age to compensate for higher traffic.

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    What will happen to someone who is only healing and not doing damage to the towers or attackers?

    EDIT: And what would happen to me if I am rooted and can't do damage because of that (melee)? Breaking roots takes a lot time as you know.
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    Erm it also affected Belial Forrest (Wine) on RK2. I do not know why but it did.
    Well and "how" I liked it you can read in the discussion thread.
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    that was kind of dumb. you should have enabled crowd control on one clan and one omni controlled area. Instead you enable it on Mort and PW which are both clan controlled. You guys really know how to inbalance things.
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    Well guess this system will be very busy when so many people rooted, blinded and lagging. The game currently cant take more than 20-30 people fighting for an outpost without starting lagging badly.


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    might be worth testing this actualy in zones were alot of fighting happens like...........DAV maybe

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    ok so if your hunting in some area and there is a tower there who gets attacked, you will trow out of the area...that true?

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    I really like the idea of this and didn't intend to be negitive right away, but how is this going to effect the already worsend lag situation that has developed since NW release. Seems all the extra server sidde work of checking tiles 1-2 minutes can really eat resources. Especially if/when its implemented on all tiles of the dimension.
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    The crowed control feature SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!

    Enough said.

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    yep sucks ,get enough defenders into your base (or better a lot of low lvls around it) and nobody can attack it. or is the number of people shared (omni/neut/clan) ?

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    if i read the above posts right the only people considered defenders will be the ones in the org the attacked tower belongs to.

    attackers will be orgs that fire upon the tower.

    the rest will be "others" regardless of faction.

    i do not like the idea of a crowd control system as well because elementary advantages go to the attacker but maybe we can influence how this thing will get patched/modified in a while?

    wanna check the other thread and throw some ideas at us?
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    Is this only in Mort and PW???
    I got this msg all over Broken Shores, and people were thrown to the other side of the map (in this case, far out into the water. And, as you can't go into a jet when swimming, you're in for a very long swim)
    When defending a base from attack, it is VERY anoying to be suddenly far out in the ocean on the other side of the map. I took 15 min just to swim in and get back into fighting.
    Not sure if this is intended or just a bug, but it sure needs some fixing.
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