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    NW Discounted...

    ... *ROFLMFFAO* Look under pc games, Notum Wars. States that won't be ready for release until 6th December but does offer free delivery and already reduced from £14.99 to £12.99.

    I can only hope that the discount is based on their bulk order savings due to the number of players hitting their site as discounted games usually signify something quite different. I suspect it is volume discount as they are offering AC2 at £26.99 over the RRP of £34.99...

    I use a lot and can highly recommend them, never bought games from em usually DVD/CD's and I should have checked them out first
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    Well exactly, you answered your own question and it really doesn't deserve the "ROFLMFFAO"
    Most online stores can offer really good discounts.
    I purchased GTA3 on the PC for £15.99inc delivery from when other retailers were selling it for £29.99+

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    Talking It all depends on the...

    ... context of the laugh really now, doesn't it?

    If you add the emote with the last statement you could see that I am laughing at myself for not checking that source rather than anything or anybody else...

    Maybe you'd like to expand on your assumption somewhat while we pass the day and get back into the game itself?
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    wow...2.00 bucks whoohooo ::cough:: ::muttermutter: ::click::
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    ... not dollars, nearer $3.25 if memory serves and hey, I'm a Tyke and we're renowned as being tight fisted, after all, I can get a pint for that much.

    Old British Proverb: "Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after yourself."
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