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Thread: The plot is a problem

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    Re: Content bothers me not

    Originally posted by Sllaagor

    I honestly don't think I would have a problem with any content. There is worse content in history books and in Real Life(tm) everyday. This is a game where we go around killing creatures and people. If you're not offended by that to begin with, what else should really faze you?

    I suppose I am being a little self-absorbed, I am just tired of people thinking that by making a word, or certain subjects, or certain substances taboo that it will just "go away" and everything will be hunky-dory again.

    Bottom line, if someone doesn't like the plot of AO, complain to FC. We're paying customers. Just don't be surprised when they don't change it. At that point all you can do is vote with your feet, stop paying FC and, as Paldorr put it, "do something else."
    Ok, so you wouldn't have a problem with a plot in which clan members run a suicide mission to crash planes into Rome towers, killing thousands good for you. And no one is pretending the bad things don't exist, all they are saying is that they would rather be entertained by original plot material than be subjected to a very recycled plot line that happens to remind people of a rather painful event. And yes I agree, this entire thread is about complaining to FC


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    Unhappy Not an unfeeling jerk, just a realist.

    Originally posted by Xente

    Ok, so you wouldn't have a problem with a plot in which clan members run a suicide mission to crash planes into Rome towers, killing thousands good for you.
    Well, we have a plot where OT let 74 (or so) Atrox die because of cost. Isn't it a matter of scale, really? Each life is the end of the universe for some person. That's a catastrophic event any way you look at it. I abhor killing. I understand, though, that in the course of human events, sometimes it becomes "necessary".

    You can think whatever you like about your perception of my personal philosophy ... in war, vast atrocities are possible, sometimes inevitable. Terrorists feel they are at war, and execute "military" operations. To a fanatic, anything is fair game.

    I grieve for any and all victims of terrorism, anywhere in the world, even in cyberspace.

    And no one is pretending the bad things don't exist, all they are saying is that they would rather be entertained by original plot material than be subjected to a very recycled plot line that happens to remind people of a rather painful event. And yes I agree, this entire thread is about complaining to FC

    --Xente [/B]
    Who wouldn't?

    I find that the storyline is pretty well done, actually. How do you define originality? "There's nothing new under the sun." (I can't remember who said that but it's a good quote.)

    Within the storyline I've found something to base my character on, giving me a basis for roleplaying, and a motivation for playing this game, something I have been missing in PC gaming for quite a few years.

    I've seen worse storylines .... *thinks of many MMORPGS*

    If it offends people, I'm sorry. I stopped watching the news, it offended me one too many times. Everyone has their triggers and this issue is just not that big of a deal to me. I'm going to keep playing, I'm having fun for my money ...

    - Sllaagor
    Clan Atrox Enforcer

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    The... entire plot kind of bothers me.

    First off you have a planet, legally leased for a corporation, Omni-Tek, and on Omni-Tek property you have people protesting the lawful leasing of Rubi-Ka, and supposed harsh treatment of Omni-Tek employees when frankly OT is better off than anyone else in the game.

    Yes. I love how far from "reality" this reaches. I see this every day on the news. Aside from that, if I were leasing a store, and people moved into my store, complaining about how unfairly I treat my employees despite their insistance that they are CONTENT with the way the business is run...

    I'd likely call a mental health institution and have them hauled away in straightjackets.

    I gave up on AO actualling having a plot awhile ago. Not much is implimented server-side to make it feel like anything is actually happening... but it bothers me to know that the "terrorists" of Rubi-Ka are actually favored by Funcom.

    Let me see. I can choose between two sides.

    A legally run business. Make profit. Work with like-minded capitalists. Or...

    Hippies who are completely out of their element! On a planet of which they have no place being and... protesting the people that OWN the land they're on.

    Damn OT should start charging rent and hauling Clanners off to prison already!

    So why is the most tragic event in US history being played out mockingly in a video game? ;_;

    The 9.11 references are distasteful.

    Most Americans can see how so.

    Tomorrow Ross is going to choke on a pretzel. :P

    I guess the entire plot for me has come down to choosing between a mysterious man who's described as dangerous and dishonerable and a businessman described as honorable and open. HMMM. And the honorable and open guy is the bad guy HOW?

    So yeah I'm all over the place but I'd pretty much accepted AO would be the most successful avatar driven chat-room ever. As have most of the dedicated players. So... why try to offend usss?

    Give us a geniune plot. Something adequate of the indicative time period. Or something. I mean we don't see Bush quoting Lincoln. -_- What works now won't work in the future.

    Give us revolution or give us... our chat room. Just please don't expect to capitalize on mocking a tragic event. *nods*

    I've seen worse storylines .... *thinks of many MMORPGS*
    Funny. I haven't seen even "many" MMORPGS. At least successful ones, of this scale. UO... EQ... DAOC... any others worth consideration even? I mean.. ugh. Yeah I suppose MMORPG means "chat room" in most other languages. ;_;
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    Ah...not quite right

    According to ICC regulations (ICC is the organization that actually OWNS Rubi-KA) even though Omni-Tek has leased Rubi-KA, the corporation is required to allow colonization of the planet by non-Omni-Tek employees as well as its own employees.

    So the colonists DO have a right to be there. The conflict is between SOME colonists and ex-Omni employees which have joined together to form clans and the Omni-Tek Corporation RK. The clans assert that OT is corrupt, brutal and overstepping its authority.

    The neutrals are colonists who do not wish to get caught up in the conflict between the clans and OT.
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    Already been down this road before:

    For those who are not going to follow the link, I think the terrorist angle has been in the game from the start and people should take it for what it is, a plot device. I will admit that the "War on terrorism" statement was influenced by current events, but I think people are being too sensitive about this topic.

    I am a US citizen and the bombing of the Trade Towers and the Pentagon hurt me deeply, but I refuse to let it dictate how I live my life. I will go in buildings. I will fly in planes. I will watch movies that have terrorists as the villains and I will play games that do the same. I do not want my life filtered or censored in any way.

    On their other hand, if I start to sense that Funcom is trying to cash in on the bombings, that will be another mater all together. They have gotten close to that, but I can give them the benefit of the doubt that they are writing a story that involves terrorism and it is inevitable that they too would be affected by the actions on and after 9-11.

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    Originally posted by Chartan
    Capt how dare you compare President Bush to a corrupt, kill-workers-in-mines-doesnt-matter corporation.

    No matter what side your on, AO was setup so that the Clan side was the ones fighting for freedom and equality and the OT to be the oppressive regime, the evil guys.

    and then you go compare Bush to the evil guys?????

    People, if you wanna be offended, be offended by that.

    Besides that, Capt, you completely miss the point. Doesnt matter wether this was planned or not by FC, what matters is that people get upset by something so obvious like a few words spoken in countless movies, stories and now by a president.
    U bet its exactly like crying fire.

    to capt: If you dont know who Emperor Nero was or how much the fire destroyed, then read it, twas a bigger incident than that of the WTC...

    Which ever side one is on, that is the good side. The evil is always the group that is agaisnt you just like Bush and the Taliban. Bush sees the Taliban as the evil but the Taliban view america and Bush as the evil. There is no evil or good in life. It is all up the people's views and opinion. Omni Tek is the evil if you are a Clan member while The Clan is evil if you are an Omni tek supporter. this is a game this isn't real, Omni Tek views clan memebers as terrorists, so what? Does it really make a huge difference what they view them as? It is just a game. People are just way too sensitive about everything. Yes it was a tragedy, yes it was sad, but that doesn't mean that no one can use or talk about it. It will be made into a movie, there will be books, stories and everything about Sept. 11. Will people get all emotional and sensitive about that? People and corporations will always milk a tragedy for money, it happpens all the time, what do you think Black Hawk Down is about? Movies and games have always had terrorist in them but now since what happened nothing can be used from it? That is just ridiculous people all around the world have been living with terrorism long before September 11th and no one has really complained about those incidents being in games and movies. The American people should stop being so ignorant of the rest of the world and what happened over there years ago. Terrorism will never go away. There is no such thing as peace. This is just a game play it and enjoy it or don't play it at all.

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    I've been away from these forums for a while but I'm heartened to read some of the posts under this thread as they reflect what I expressed a couple of weeks ago to the feedback address. It's just dawned on me though why the parallels are disturbing.

    It is as if the 9/11 attacks gave someone at Funcom a cool idea.

    In FC's defense, they have stepped back from the Bush Doctrine language and related nudges. I hope this is permanent. It is distressing and insulting to see a loaded allegory made from a story in which I'm already a participant.

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    A little thought...

    OT has made it official that they will do everything in their power to shut down Voice of Freedom, hence closing down free press, which is clearly in conflict with their leasing agreement.

    Bush has created the "axes of evil" (iran, iraq and north-korea). Europa protest. US media doesn't report this.

    Philip Ross relases a statement that OT "will rid the planet of evil forces, before they can hurt us", or something like that.

    What will happen if Bush that afterwards say the same thing and continue to bomb the hell out the Iranies?


    And before you flame me. I know.

    Bad wording by FunCom. And me But that is all. I've read all the post, and it is sad that so many people that are playing a game in cyberspace where they run around killing all day long, can't see that this ahs nothing to do with real life. Cause I hope that a majority of my friends in AO don't run around killing i RL. Just hoping...

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    Arrow hm

    actually it just *could* have been bit more creative for a SF environment then it is; stating that human nature has not changed for tens of thousands of years is no excuse for having to relive news as reported in media again in your pasttime, i.e. game environment.

    As stated in other thread, my stomach simply turns.
    Just substitute notum=oil, OT=usa, ross=bush, etc.
    Next we clanners get the advantage over OT's equipment in form of suicidal bomb equipment. We've already been called 'terrorists' in RP game story. Thank you.

    As if its not enough being called anti-american for not understanding the campaign of 'preventive violence'.
    Now we have to enjoy the "story" that wants you to RP a freedom fighter thats labelled "terrorist". *belch*

    Gimme that explosive, I can't stand the wait anymore...

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    Unhappy All about point of view

    What types of events would your preferred storyline include?

    And can you give me examples of any science fiction that does not
    have real-world parallels? Science fiction always does, to a greater or lesser extent, because the authors live in the real-world.

    I reiterate, the human condition never changes. That's not an excuse for anything, just a fact. We're all strangers in a world we didn't make.

    You feel that this story does nothing but regurgitate current events? I feel that this story regurgitates past events as well. Terrorism did not just begin when the WTC was destroyed. It's been around forever.

    "Freedom fighter", "terrorist" ... it's all about point-of-view.

    I agree with you, "preventive violence" prevents nothing forever, the people processing this "war" do not understand the type of people they are dealing with, how to deal with them, nor do they understand the underlying factors that provoke such violence. Our screwed-up foreign policy is one of those factors. Economic reasons also apply. (The U.S. seems to think it can use the rest of the world as cheap labor and there will be no repercussions)

    I am a U.S. citizen ... if anyone wants to call me "Anti-American" because of the above paragraph, go ahead.

    Patriotism is not an excuse to stop reform. I spend my days ranting about the things broke in this country, most of the time people just say "well, it's the best country in the world.", or "If you don't like it, leave." Both statements are symptoms of the underlying problems here in the U.S. Apparently we forget that we are part of the world, not above it.

    Leave? Don't they find it amusing (and tragic) that the U.S. was founded by people who wanted freedom, and now the U.S. government does nothing but shut down our personal freedoms one by one?

    (Sorry to rant but it's a touchy subject with me lately.)

    In the end, I'm sorry if you don't like/approve/enjoy the storyline as presented. I, for one, don't mind it and will keep playing until I move on to the next game that interests me.

    - Sllaagor
    Clan - Atrox Enforcer

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    I'd prefer long insect looking stalky alien shelled creatures breaking into my apartment and decapitating my poor opifex body. THAT'S SF. Acts of terrorism and military actions are not by themselves, SF.

    What kind of SF have you been into? So far AO could be a military drama with the amount of sf influence. :P What do implants really have the do with the PLOT? What do flying cars have to do with the STORYLINE? Sure they're pretty and helpful but when really considering it I don't see what difference any of the game elements have to do with the "story".

    The story is Radiman vs. Ross and a political conflict.

    This isn't a SF title, it's a political drama.

    For that matter a political drama borrowing from current events in North America. If it's supposed to be SOOOO SF then why is there that GIANT chunk of realism?

    Saying there is a science to politics isn't going to be enough for me. Yes there is the FICTION element but when it's touching so close to reality I DO have a difficult time seperating it from reality and categorizing it as FICTION the way it's supposed to be. Nevermind where the Science in the plot has gone... it's non-existant at present.

    If you look at the different media pertaining to SF there is an element that AO is seriously lacking. For example let me use Dune. Be it books or the movie... what have you. There is an analogous element, Muad’Dib leads the rebels (clans) against the governing faction (government, omni) for the land and welfare of the people.

    So even that much being similar, the reason the governing faction wishes to stake claim on the land is for it's resources, correct? And theoretically the governing faction is there legally, for the most part. So... yeah this isn't a unique storyline to begin with but SO similar to something redily accepted AS Science Fiction.

    So what's my problem?

    Where does the storyline impact the actual gameplay? And why must it be so drastically bland, even SEPERATED from the game itself it's annoying to be reliving something on the internet I use for escape from the mess the media is creating on the news. It's the same thing. If I want to know what's going on ON the news I can login to Anarchy Online.

    That disturbs me.

    So yeah a building in Omni-Ent near the Bronto Burger was blown up. How does that impact my character?

    How does that impact other characters?

    It was a stationary building that had nothing to do with anything except for the scenery.

    And where WAS the explosion?

    In a media file provided on the website. That majority of the people I know playing didn't even bother to download.

    If you ask me Truwind and Aberic really got the long straw with that killing Radiman clone deal. If it were up to me I'd have gotten in on it with them because as far as I've seen that's the most in the way of "events" that actually have impacted "our world" of Rubi-Ka.

    Blah and yeah I'm brainfried. Too much FFX today and too little caffeine. Have at me (flames).
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    Just to let a couple of you morons know, the story has been planned out several years ahead of time, reality just so happends to mimmic fantasy. So don't whine about FC stealing lines from bush... whine about bush stealing lines from FC

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    Like Bush, the man who's favorite book was written for kindergardeners, writes his own speeches...

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