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Thread: The plot is a problem

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    Angry The plot is a problem

    Since the recent changes in the amnesty and the spamming on news channels, leaders of OT and members of my orginization have expressed a distaste for the seemingly stolen news and 9/11 plot theme.

    People play games to escape reality, we come to RK so that we can escape the trials of our every day lives and have some fun away from it all. This is a role-playing game and the recent play on the words of the US president specifically in the news broadcast ("This is a war on terrorism") is in bad taste and lacks an original idea.

    Leaders of OT are in protest of this new plot engine as we speak. We ask FC to remove this quote from the news broadcast and further remove any future "on the fly" news rip-off's from RL.

    The people who play the game are what makes it work. 9/11 was a shock to the entire world and further hit very close to home if not at home on a lot of people. RK isn't the place for reminding us about the terrible events of 9/11, please try to be a bit more original.

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    Here here

    Personally, I did not loose anyone on 9-11, so I do not know how they feel. But, I -did- watch in horror as many of my contrymen died. I do not agree with, approve of, or support this story line. It is a violation of peoples feelings. Either that, or You, Funcom Just don't care that a Nation was wounded. If you're that insensitive....then God help you.

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    I have to agree that the story line is a bit insensitive and they should rethink the direction of where it is going.

    9-11-01 is a very painful day for Americans and those throughout the world. Something like that should be tread on very lightly. Please rethink this Guys.


    Director of Omni-ECPCS

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    Angry I completely Agree

    I was very unhappy when I logged on today and saw the official message from "Ross". It quickly reminded me of something that I have been trying to get away from mentally living very close to NYC and working there as well.

    The news copy was not only blatantly insensitive to "real world" events, it appears to have been an attempt to enflame the storyline and bring people into it faster.

    For whatever reason, this type of motivation is not the correct way to go with the storyline. I have inturn sent this particular story to the New York Times news department as of this morning in hopes that they will see the insensitive issues that Funcom has addressed with irresponsibility.

    As for this part of the storyline.. Remove it.

    I expect Funcom to write an open apology to all of the gamers for acting in such an immature fashion.


    President of R.O.M.E.
    101st Atrox NT

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    Angry I agree

    I totaly agree with you. I think that this current plot theme speaks highly for the lack of moral character that the development team must have. To actually think that adding a terrorist bombing in game was a good idea is a sign of no only insensitive planning but also a disgusting lack of taste on the part of Funcom. What the hell were they thinking? Someone must have actually had the thought that "Hey, lets have some terrorists blow up some apartments in game. That will be cool!" What kind of person thinks that it is either appropriate or good to include an event such as this in the game?

    What disgusts me even more than Funcoms inexcusable lack of taste is the fact that there are players who actually want to role-play the part of terrorists. What kind of sick bastards get off on role-playing a terrorist. By this I do not mean the Clans in general but rather those players who actively play the part of terrorists. Since the first time I logged onto the Internet I have run across some sick people, perverts, ractists and many other degenerates, but I have never been more repulsed by the people who think it is entertaining to fantasize about being a terroist.

    Funcom says that it will not tolerate offensive behavior by players, but what about their own offensive behavior. If it is inappropriate to insult another player, or make derogatory comments about a player, isn't it also inappropriate to include events such as the bombing that many people find equaly or even more offensive?
    It says alot about Funcom as a company that they would endorse events such as this. Great PR guys.

    Sorry for the rant but thats my 2 cents....

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    Bah. Let's not even go there. Normally I'd say go hug a tree you stupid hippy, but I can certainly respect your sentiments in this case. I just think the more you make of it the more the real 9-11 terrorists have defeated your mind.

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    sorry I didnt mean to be so crass. Sure there are parallels, and maybe it is a tad insensitive of FC. But then again, this is supposed to be a war storline. Since when is war not horrible?

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    I just heard that someone have reported the "Philip Ross states it is a war against terrorism" to New York Times.
    Grats Funcom, you've been reported yourself.
    This is a disgrace to players intelligence to come up with this piece of crap.
    I was thilled by the "Dust to Dust"-message, but the "Philip Ross"-message disgusts me.
    BTW, why do yo have to continously spam us every 10 minutes or so. I get it once, ok, twice.
    Make the frequency less or remove it, I get the point!

    I feel with the people that got flashback by this act of stupidity.

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    Have to agree with this 100%. It is not only in poor taste, but it is also extremely lacking in creativity. The events, speeches, and quotes so far in the plot seem to mirror daily events more and more quickly. I can not believe for one minute that any of this was planned or written before 9/11. Please consider not using current tragic events as a basis for entertainment in the future.



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    Funcom, I sincearly hope that the parallels that is causeing these reactions from many promiment guild leaders isn't some sort of pubilicity stunt.
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    I am glad to see I am not alone.

    Not only is this insensitive (what about those people who actually lost real things? Should we play a parallel storyline for "fun"?) but it is a sign nothing is really going on in the story department.

    I could have come up with this stuff in under an hour (Omni and clan want peace. Dust brigade bombs Omni-Ent ending peace and creating war. Have Ross copy Bush and sound like an idiotic patriot.

    The decision to follow real-life events is not only offensive to those actually involved (losing someone on 9-11 or family in afghanistan fighting or living there) but it is crappy to those who play AO in hopes of a bit of escaping reality.

    All you are doing (as someone pointed out... check on the Omni New Channel about Ross' quote. Deja vu... Ross seems to have stolen his line from Bush) is stealing from current events hoping to capitalize on the patriotism involved in current events.

    Not smart Funcom... not smart. Then again, "not smart" is on all of your resumes...

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    I agree. I am very disappoited in Funcom's choice of words being used in Phillip Ross's announcement on "war against terrorism", can we say a little too close to RL. How non-creative can they get. I take offense to the storyline so parallel to RL-(sept. 11th). It is ecause of this that I have decided to take a break from RP, (which used to be something I enjoyed about the game), and I will try and concentrate on other things. If funcom doesnt take what we are saying seriously, well I hate to say, I'll have to resort to leaving. So, please funcom hear us out! If you havent before, please be kind and do so now. Thank you.

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    Totally agree...

    first building explodes in omni ent from a bombing lots of people die


    "war on terrorism"

    Hazzah hello? what are they trying to do here, I find it very cool please come up with something origional, or at least something that isnt so fresh in American, Canadian Minds, as well as the world as a whole.


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    I strongly disagree on this. In fact I find it pretty pathetic that anyone can even draw parallels between the WTC disaster and the storyline.

    To put it in words. This is like saying the below. Mind you, this is NOT to offend you, but to clarify what it is you are doing here. The parallels are 100% correct, if you think or write otherwise you are NOT respecting other peoples feelings. Consider this:

    Fire, dont say fire, that reminds me of Emperor Nero who burned down Rome. Or dont say Gas, cause 6 million jews died during the WW2.

    To repeat..: This is NOT to offend you, but to clarify what it is you are doing here. The parallels are 100% correct, if you think or write otherwise, you are NOT respecting other peoples feelings!

    Both the above 2 things and the WTC happened in real life, were disasters that noone wishes to repeat. But, noone should draw parallels between such real life events and a science fiction like AO. Funcom never ment to hurt anyones feelings, they are writing a NEW story, just like the million stories that has the same elements, the same words in them.

    If you go through literature, hollywood films, other games, you will find thousands of parallels to real world, none were ment to disrespect you, all were made to tell a good story.

    All over the worlds (cause there were 128 nationalities in the WTC and not just americans!!), people have been mourning over the tradigy. Daily people die in pointless wars around the globe. If you feel strongly about disasters like these, like I do, there are many organizations that need help in solving conflicts. If you want to show the dead some respect, perhaps helping out is exactly what you should do. Are you a member of Amnesty International? Have you sent your $10 monthly to Red Cross? I have.

    and to finally (to avoid stupid postings about this) repeat this again: This is NOT to offend you, but to clarify what it is you are doing here. The parallels are 100% correct, if you think or write otherwise, you are NOT respecting other peoples feelings!

    This story may start a bit like an event in the real world, but to draw parallels between Bush and Omni-Tek, is streching things a bit. I would like to see Bush and the Clans, as the good freedom loving guys...Think about that!
    Last edited by Chartan; Jan 18th, 2002 at 11:45:06.

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    From what I know, terrorists have been blowing up buildings for a long time.

    Ask the Brits, ask the Israelis, ask the Peruvians and the Sri Lankans and the Vietnamese and the Italians and the Germans and the Lebanese and the Nicaraguans and the Cubans and the Mexicans and the Guatemalans and Salvadorans and Russians, or ask African American members of Southern US churches that were firebombed by those lovely guys in the white sheets .

    You get the idea. I hated what happened in NYC and Washington as much as any American. It was a horrible thing to watch, especially over and over again. But as horrible as it was, it bothers me that so many Americans think that this is where the Terror Timeline started, that up until September 11th terrorism was a quaint little term other countries used and would get mentioned AFTER the stories about Gary Condit or what got on Monica Lewenski's dress unless they had LIVE pictures to show.

    I also hated what happened in Oklahoma City. Oh yeah, that was terrorism too, wasn't it? And THAT event would be the parallel, NOT what happened in September. People with a gripe against the current powers that be exploding a device in a building. No Clanners flew a Yal into Omni Ent according to the News Grid. If you want to take "terrorists" + "blown up building" and JUST get 9/11, you're forgetting there's a whole wide world or just plain ignorant or real life. Or life outside the US borders.

    Maybe some will think I'm downplaying what happened. I'm not.

    People wanted a reaction from Omni on the bombing--there are posts and posts *****ing because they were seeming to ignore what happened. Well, they got it. Was it a bad choice to use words that sounded similar to the words Bush's speech writers chose for him? Probably so. Buts I'm not so sure that other leaders haven't used them before either. I really don't know, but I'd be willing to bet that the phrase has been uttered by others.

    If FC is so guilty of not being cognizant of people's views on what's offensive as far as war/death/violence is concerned, think about this: People in-game had PEACE! There was no war, no fighting except between PLAYERS. Post after post in a few of these forums was "Let us fight! This Amnesty suxxors! We want a WAR!!!!!! I thought this game was about fighting!!" And so FC is going to give it to you. And you want them to do it tactfully?

    This game is about killing. Its not about being nice neighbors or working alongside Mother Teresa.

    Its about walking/running up to something/someone and shooting/stabbing/bashing/burning/poisoning it over and over and over again until it/he/she dies. It's aim is progress through causing violent death. The setting is one of violence, of war, and, yes, terrorism. The majority of the people play it and focus on killing things quicker and deader. And not only do we all have FUN doing it, we PAY to be able to do so. And we ***** if the killing slows down for some silly amnesty.

    I could go on, but I've probably already pissed enough people off who will only see this as some kind of non Politically Correct, non RAH RAH diatribe.

    If you're really sickened by the violence, you're sickened by the violence. You'd be offended at the whole concept. But as long as the killing doesnt relate to something that you find personally upsetting, well, LOCK AND LOAD!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'll tell you what might offend some people.

    To pick one day of death when the world is so full of death every single day and say THAT is the only one that matters.....


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    I tend to agree with Chartan, we can't let the 9.11 terrorists control our lives to this degree.

    The world has fought terrorists ever since someone thought of using violence to further their agenda. We cannot let them get the upper hand because they want us to fear them. If you go around every day thinking about when/where it will happen next you have lost, and they have won. This is just what they want.

    9.11 did not invent the word "terrorist", it was the day american citizens learned it's true meaning. Bush used patriotism in his speech to make you proud of where you're from, to stand up against terrorism and fight back. The guy who wrote that speech was a smart fellow, and he did his job well. After what happened in Afghanistan other countries will think twice about hiding known terrorists.

    Even so, we must not show these terrorists that we are scared of them, or that we "respect" what they did (and don't misunderstand me there, by respect I mean to consider their actions as something worth remembering. Remember the victims and their families, forget the terrorists). They are stupid, ignorant, evil and completely out of their mind, and they should be treated as such. To give them the recognition they want for blowing up a building will only fuel their fires even more. Hunt them down, give them what they deserve, but don't treat them as anything but disillusioned (non-)human beings.

    Also, the storyline for AO was written several years ago by Ragnar Tørnquist, he could not have known about the recent events at the time. Let us deal with the Dust Brigade swiftly, and get on with the story. Terrorist is not a taboo word, and Bush doesn't have it copyrighted.

    None of this is meant as critique or disrespect. I am not an american, but my own countrymen are right now clearing minefields and helping US soldiers navigate the mountains of Afghanistan. We all have to deal with what happened that day, in one way or another.

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    It seems as though you people who aren't offended by the storyline don't seem to realize there is one obvious link that was beyond coincidence.

    The Omni Herald Broadcast channel reported that Ross said "We are delcaring a war on terrorism". I do'nt know about you, but that's a bit more than "stuff blew up". That right there is a phrase stolen from George Bush when referring to "Operation Enduring Freedom" in mid september.

    So if you guys would look at the facts instead of say whatever might fit your arguement then you might actually understand the situation.

    No Chartan, you're wrong. It's not like saying "Fire" and someone complaining there was a fire a long time ago...

    It's like saying: "Then the two kids shot 5 people at their high school" a week after Columbine happened and then hoping it'll be fun to play around with.

    And i'll beat your face in if I ever hear you say "We can't let the terrorists win". No? That line was written by Coca Cola and the effing NFL... it's a marketing ploy. Buy our cars to stop Bin laden. Don't let al queida win! Eat at mcdonalds!

    What amazes me is how you all can claim this was written years ago.

    Where is the sign that this was written so long ago when things are so crappily developed that it almost causes a brain hemmorage when thinking someone could try to claim the current story is a few years in development.

    I'm sorry, but "We are declaring a war on terrorism" is not something that was written a few years back... it was stolen to capitalize on a tragedy, and is really pissing many of us off.

    Don't give Tornquist that much credit. He pry has 2 index cards with "Amnesty happens!" and "War happens!" as the storyline so far...

    Considering how crappy the story is so far, I couldn't even think that they'e planned anything beyond simple ideas for what's coming next month. Scripts and such aren't finalized, and what breaks the "coincidence" limit is the fact that things are not written for minute details like Ross' crappy speech.

    Even tornquist (on these boards) made a joke about Ross being a lot like Bush.

    You expect me to believe they've had this stuff canned for a few years and now it's just coming out and copying reality? My ass...

    This stuff was canned... maybe for a few years. I doubt it since Tornquist is pretty damn incompetient in gettting the story going... anyway, There is no sign that FC would have this much stuff done just sitting around for a few years. I mean, they've got jack done for content and storyline NOW... 6 months even. You think the storyline is any different? You seriously think that with a few years we'd be getting such a shoddy screw-job with the storyline right now? No way.

    The storyline right now is pry just some guides... my opinion is Tornquist (check his personal site, he really gives the impression he feels the story is HIS to write...) wrote the story like an outline... and now is pissed that we hate it.

    He wanted us to like his slow-moving book, and whines now that we don't like it "You don't like monthly events that suck? Shut up! I don't wanna hear it!"

    Funcom chose the words Ross spoke BECAUSE Bush said them. It was not a coincidence. Sure... it probably was a coincidence of the bombing... but it sure as hell wasn't with the wording.

    It's insulting to think that anyone else could think otherwise.

    Oh wait... we can't do that. Or the terrorists will win.

    You know what?
    The terrorists can kiss my ass... and so can you fools who are claiming FC was just magically predicting the future.

    Funcom is milking the current situation, and it's sickening.

    Before you "It's not like 9-11" people start again, look at the one fact we have... not the stupid bombing or clans versus omni... look at the line that Ross "said". After you read it, think before you post. We don't need any more idiot posts from the previous few.

    Look at what is there, not the similarities with what actually occured (it wasn't a bomb it was a plane so therefore it doesn't matter!) but look at what has followed it.

    Both you and I know that the line was stolen from a tragic situation, and is being used in a GAME.

    Just an observation... most non-americans seem to be the ones against it. In face, some loser "Gaurd" claimed his guild is made up of Afghanis who are laughing at the US now. All of these people who are unwilling to look at the obvious links Funcom made to capitalize on such a horrible situation are either immature children(literally), or for some reason enjoy harassing Americans out of jealousy or spite.

    Why is that?
    Last edited by CaptFallout; Jan 18th, 2002 at 13:24:04.

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    Originally posted by CaptFallout
    Both you and I know that the line was stolen from a tragic situation, and is being used in a GAME.
    Okay maybe, maybe not, and maybe even the timing is off. BUT

    I didn't notice a particular amount of sensitivity shown by Americans to victims of IRA terrorism when they made "The Devils Own".

    There are many people over here that get bombed by the IRA, but I don't here them shouting at people for making "entertainment" out of if...

    (And yes I do feel for what happened in NY, heck I even cried over it!!)
    "Maybe Funcom should move 1000 AO players into Clon****, lock down the zone and make dyeable armor to attract more players?"

    A DaoC player defending AO

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    I won't turn this into an argument, but one question Fallout:

    Do you think Bush was the first person ever to say he was going to declare war on terrorism?

    Seems to me like you're angry because FC stole a line from Bush, not because of the explosion and stuff. You know what? Every single political leader in our part of the world has used that line in some way or another. It's a nice thing to say, and it inspires people. Politicians, newspapers and TV-channels are using it as a battlecry, a way to make people look at them and say "wow, we're gonna kick ass". Now, compare that to what Ross is trying to do.

    You're focusing too much on the words and not the meaning.

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    Thumbs down geee

    Not only is the whole terrorist thing in ao st00pid and very low, but after 5 years of planning you'd expect a little imagination form fc.
    I dont mind playing the part of a terrorist but making so obvious and bad copy of rl is plain dumb.

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