Apperently Insomnias, the guy who sells dope , is leaving OT. He didn't like having a cavity search from those Atrox Cops. Go figure...

Anyway... here it is:

I happened to be at the Reet Retreat tonight and I overheard a conversation between known drug dealer Insomnias and Edensdreamer, a associate of one Silkex.

Here is the vinicity chat of what was said, though unfortunatly Eden spoke quietly and I was unable to record her part of the conversation. Still it does make an interesting read.

Start logging of "Vicinity" at 02/15/02 23:12:43
23:12: Insomnias: Ok, heres what the deal is
23:13: Insomnias: Do you know Silkex?
23:13: Insomnias: Im lookin to hook up with him and discuss a plan i have
23:13: Insomnias: I hear he has some good contacts
23:13: Insomnias: Well, what would you like me to prove?
23:13: Insomnias: Well, let me give you a sample of my product to take to him
23:13: Insomnias: I want to speak directly to him about the plan though..... i have a way we both could make some credits if we work on this
23:14: Insomnias: I have my ways of getting information
23:14: Insomnias grins
23:14: Insomnias: yes, I hear he is one that can be trusted
23:14: Insomnias: And many good things
23:15: Insomnias: So, ask him if hed be interested in a meeting...I am having some problems over in Omni 1 right now.... the damn fools are tryin to take my biz down.. and I need to expand my realm to other territories
23:15: Insomnias: Then they had insuddicient evidence to convict me, and i was released
23:15: Insomnias: I may be defecting......even though i really dont care much for the Omni Tek Corp that might right now.....i just have lots of customers there
23:16: Insomnias: Keep the news of my possible defection private still in Omni right now....and dont need further headache
23:16: Cemetarygate shouts: (( everyone Riotx's chat server is down. he cannot chat ))
23:16: Insomnias: Yes, i understand what you mean by that
23:16: Cemetarygate shouts: (( but he can speak in equipement. ))
23:17: Insomnias: Today, i was arrested by a goon squad....taken to Omni Med....searched, full was embarrasing
23:17: Insomnias: Then they had insufficient evidence to convict me, and i was released
23:17: Nahis shouts: il y a beaucoup de fench ici ?
23:18: Nahis shouts: french ..
23:18: Corriander shouts: Now Playing : Portishead-Trip-Hop Reconstruction 09 - Sheared Times
23:18: Corriander shouts: DJ Fuzzy Bunny's RR Mix : Kicking in live from Reet's ;D

Unfortunatly it ended there, as someone interupted the meeting and taking Eden aside.