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Thread: If you ordered from Digital River, CANCEL!

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    If you ordered from Digital River, CANCEL!

    Obviously, there are 2 parts to the problem:

    1> Funcom's decision to release the game in the U.S. on an official U.S. holiday, then changing all that, then shipping on the busiest day of the retail season (can we say DUH!).
    2> Relying on Digital River to ship when released (which they only share a small percentage of the blame here, Funcom was responsible for shipping/release). You can't ship what you haven't received.

    Did Funcom ship on the 29th, yes, this is confirmed. Did they ship so that it is received the same day, HAHAHAHAHA, um, no!

    Here's what I did (I suggest ya'll do the same):
    1> Cancel your pre-order from Digital River.
    2> Go to
    3> Wait a day or two.
    4> Install, laugh at the other people who are still complaining, and build your towers.
    5> Go to the Advanced Tools terminal, and buy a box of Kleenex and distribute them as an early XMas present for all those other organizations that suffer from cranial-rectal inversion still.


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    And now a solution for us Europeans?
    I'm not gonna pay 30$ to ship a game!
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    I don't know what to say. It's unfortunate that Funcom is not covering all players equally. I have several friends in Germany that play that just have to wait, unless they order from the U.S. from a company besides Funcom via Digital River.


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    It is quite sad that FC will delay because of thanksgiving in the US but don't care a toss that no one in Europe managed to get a copy

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    First time i have felt the need to do anything but lurk the boards reading.

    But this whole situation is a mess. Have attempted to cancel my Notum Wars preorder (only made at the end of October, unlike some of you veterans who are still waiting)

    Can i do more than this ? I undersand i could phone them too - should i do this as a back up ?

    "I wish to cancel the order for Anarchy Online: The Notum Wars. The product has not been shipped in time to install and play it at launch as I understood would be the case.

    I can now order the product for less, and with NO shipping costs from other suppliers (ie so the percieved advantage to preordering the product has been negated.

    Please respond to this e-mail so i know that my wishes have been carried out in this matter, thank you - if you proceed and charge my credit card I shall take legal action to reclaim any monies taken by yourselves and will ensure Funcom are made aware of the issues when i cancel my existing account."

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    Originally posted by Tremor
    And now a solution for us Europeans?
    I'm not gonna pay 30$ to ship a game!
    Well DR charges a lot more than EBgames does for international shipping. So it's still the ideal way to get NW in my opinion no matter where you live (unless you can get it on a local store's shelf of course)

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    just ordered from EBgames tho i live in denmark 30$!! ugh
    well guess the kids wont get any presents for christmas this year
    i wonder if the FC have a deal with EB on sharing the shipping profits??
    just another conspiracy theory

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    DR charging more?
    DR charged me 7$ or so.
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    How is it possible to cancel my order from DR, I dont find any way to do that.

    Thx for answer

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    Europeans can get Notum Wars from

    ITs 14UK pounds (about 20 euro) and the shipping is included. If I'm not mistaken, the "free shipping" offer applies to all of Europe.
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