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Thread: What should Funcom DO to help us all?

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    What should Funcom DO to help us all?

    How about To STOP EVERYONE From Complaining, they do:

    1.) Give All Professions pets 3 of them
    2.) Make all Skills Green for every class and every Breed
    3.) MAke all the points the same for HP and Nano and all the rest
    4.) Give Every professions EVERY NANO in the game at startup and have them all be able to be casted at lvl 5!
    5.) Start us out with 900 Billion IP poinst and 900 IP Resets
    6.) Make a special shop that SELLS EVERYTHING of EVERY QL
    7.) Give Every Person in the game 999,999,999 Credits
    8.) Remove All objects in missions
    9.) MAKE new Mission Areas/ New designs!

    And the number 10 thing that needs done to have EVERYONE stop complaining is!!!

    10.) Make only women women chars and men can be both men / atrox. That way Everyone is WHO they SAY they are!

    They should call this the complaining BOARD! =)

    ~Herich~ out.
    lvl 123 MP

    P.S Feel Free to make your own top 10 list

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    Then people would complain the game is too easy and not a challenge.

    This is just par for the course in this industry. Things are not really that bad on these boards. You should've seen them when the game just came out and I remember what the EQ boards were like when Abashi was running them

    Our input does matter. It just needs to be in a constructive way not saying, "Funcom you suq!!!!!" and more.
    Fear is the Mind Killer.
    You wasted life, why wouldn't you waste death?

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    Sure doesn't seem like not complaining to me lol

    And you right people would complain it would be to easy lol

    ~Herich~ out.

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