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Thread: you dont need to buy the CD of NW

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    We are NOT copying anything. It doesnt matter what country we are in! Im sending my friend money to purchase the game for ME! Therefore, I am purchasing the game.

    I will not have the sound, graphics features until the game gets here, but I PAID for the cd key, therefore, im gonna use it.

    So shut the heck up child.

    Hirum [/B]
    Once again for the idiots:

    Per the Digital Millenium Copyright Act of 1997, the use of a product in such a way not authorized by the Manufacturer (maybe you should read the EULA instead of just clicking "I Accept"), is an act of Piracy.

    So it doesn't matter what you think is ok. If the EULA doesn't allow what you're doing, which it doesn't, you're in violation of the EULA and the DMCA of 1997.

    Copyright covers more now than just copies when it comes to software.

    Like I said, Go to school (I know a good Law school dope), and then when you find out your theory stinks (especially posting how you are going to do something the EULA doesn't allow in a public forum), install it right and play.


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    Re: you dont need to buy the CD of NW

    Originally posted by vorteks
    Actually all the elements for Notum Wars were downloaded in patch 14.7.

    All you need is the actication key. So if you dont want to pay shipping fees, find a friend to buy the game in a shop, get the key number and refund him the purchase price (you could even do that in RK crédits =))

    That s all folks, enjoy=)
    ok.. this thread is actually quite funny. everyone complaining about what he said needs to cafefully, slowly, reread what he stated...

    what he states is perfectly legal, practically anywhere, especially in the USA... still confused? let me outline what he said...

    1. Friend buys copy of NW for Bob
    2. Friend e-mails Bob cd-key
    3. Friend snail mails software package to Bob
    4. Bob gets to use towers and such in-game while waiting for software.
    5. Friend, if he plays AO too.. buys himself a copy as well.

    there.. no problem, everything leagal and peachy.


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    An even BIGGER problem...

    I have close to 100 people on my icq account. I have friends on there from just about everywhere. Only a few actually play AO but still, no one has seen Notum Wars on the shelves. Can everyone who HAS found a copy on the shelves state where is was?

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    Yeah, the main reason there's a controversy in this thread is because of the way it is titled.

    Thread title: "you dont need to buy the CD of NW"

    should be...

    Thread title: "You can use Notum Wars without installing the contents of the cd!"

    wherein the body of the message goes on to say that you can arrange to have a friend buy a copy for you and then have him e-mail you the key and snail-mail you the game box/cd.

    This is all perfectly legal as long as the friend who is purchasing you the game does not install the software and/or use the key. (probably might even be as far as opening the box, because at that point FC consideres the key to be "used"... according to the box, anyway)... but the main point is not to condone software piracy. It's to give us a perfectly legal work-around to slow shipping and distrobution times.

    I doubt the intent of the original poster was to condone software piracy, because with software that uses a registration key it usually does not work... so why would he bother to suggest that?
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    Once again for the idiots who haven't read the EULA:

    YOU MAY NOT TRANSMIT THE CD-KEY!!!!!! If you think you are so right, call up Customer Support/Service and ask them.

    For crying out loud, is violating the EULA that adventurous for you. Do you not have the patience for your friend to mail you the CD and enter the key then??

    Here's what I see:

    1> You haven't purchased squat.
    2> You downloaded a key-generator which is currently floating around the warez sites and KaZaa.

    Either way, even if you do have a legit purchase, just call Customer Support/Service and ask them if it is ok for you to receive/send the CD-Key to people even if you don't have the actual CD physically in your possesion. I wonder how fast your account would get shut off.


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    Re: Re: you dont need to buy the CD of NW

    Originally posted by ShadowGod

    2. Friend e-mails Bob cd-key
    there.. no problem, everything leagal and peachy.

    Wow, you must be a judge or legal advocate which has the power to decide it is legal and peachy, but DOH! Wait a minute...

    Apparently NO ONE reads the EULA, nor do they understand it.


    This discussion of a "legal-workaround" due to the lack of distribution doesn't address the Terms of the EULA which are currently in place. When it comes to software, there is no such thing as a "legal-workaround". If you knowingly violate the EULA in any way, you've done nothing but dug yourself a deep hole if you get caught (worst case scenario, say goodbye to your account).

    Get some patience people. If you are in the U.S., just goto:

    Have it sent to your house. Problem solved.

    If you are in Europe, pray you find a U.S. Store that has it and order it there; or I'd advise filing a complaint, as there are several agencies in MANY European coutries which are similar to the Better Business Bureau in the U.S., but they have less tolerance when it comes to complaints (hehe, you should check out the company report on Funcom and Digital River, I did, and I LMAO!)


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    call Customer Support/Service and ask them if it is ok for you to receive/send the CD-Key
    *Cough* e-mail

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    Originally posted by Oncidium
    *Cough* e-mail
    *Slap* Perhaps you missed the part where I stated only receiving/sending the CD-Key.

    I should have stated receiving/sending by ANY MEANS, unless it's sleeping quietly in a box, the contents of which haven't been fondled.


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    hey soulmartyr

    Get off your soapbox.

    People wanna play the game, if they get a friend to buy it for them and send them the key then big deal. How the hell does that concern you.
    If funcom wanna ban people over that (as if they could track it anyway) then they'll just piss people off even more.

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    Just to try end the discussion; we will not take any actions against people having somebody else buy the game and forward the CD key to you.

    As long as nobody tries using the same CD key twice, and the CD key is actually paid for, we're ok with it. People want to play. Let them play.

    Whether it's legal or not, is not my business to comment on, but with this statement I think that discussion is rather obsolete.

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    If people are gonna be even more upset because they did something they KNEW they shouldn't have, I don't think Funcom will go out of business.

    I can just see it now:

    [Scenario is a banned player, an arbitrator, and Funcom]
    (Banned Player): They banned my account and ripped me off.
    (Arbitrator): Is this true?
    (Funcom): Our End-User License Agreement prohibits what the Banned Player did. Yes, they were banned.
    (Arbitrator): Banned Player, is this true?
    (Banned Player): If Funcom had shipped it on time and distributed it faster, this wouldn't have happened! This is a perfectly legal-workaround!
    (Arbitrator): Let me see your license to practice law and decide those things Banned Player, as well as a legal precedent.
    (Banned Player): Well I...
    (Arbitrator): Case Dismissed

    Funcom later files a complaint against Banned Player, spends absolutely nothing for the legal footwork since many Agencies do this for free, and Banned Player gets fined (or his Parents if circumstances permit).


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    I must assume you are a genius. Was it ESP that allowed you to comment on said KEYGEN floating around on Kazaa? Or are you just a loser. Most people already know the answer. And we know you will post repeatedly to prove this.

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    Idiot is not a strong enough word for this one.
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    christ anyone who uses a KEYGEN will get baned .... dummys

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    A few people have commented on the ELUA and hold it up as some sort of legally binding document.

    This is not the case. For the ELUA to be binding, you would have to be able to read it, and then sign it, when you purchased the product.

    I only was able to read and click the button that says, "agree" (not sign my name) after I purchased the product. The purchase was the binding contract between you and the store you bought it from, working under the local law you and the shop operate under.

    Why the ELUA then? If any legal action did occur FC could hold up the ELUA and say you agreed to this. Now this is by no means a get out of jail free card for them but it is far better than not having an ELUA at all.

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    Question hot damn we got a touchy one here

    man are you surprised at what CZ stated?

    why should funcom care when and how you got the key?

    you can throw away the cd after somebody purchased it for you the point is that the key links with your account.

    if the same key is only used once why should they bother?

    if however one nws key is used for several accounts i would guess them to investigate this and close down some to all of these accounts since the key clearly was copied then.

    *edit: also it is gets people into a more receptive mood if you do not copy paste your point word for word only with more expletives.

    if people do not understand what you are saying do you repeat the same thing again just louder or do you rephrase?

    if you do not rephrase you might have a good future in management but nowhere where social skills are relevant.*
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    gone now. byebye.

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    Hmmm, sounds good.

    Let me ask you something:

    Is there an easier way of saying 1+1=2?


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    Question ok

    ok, i think i am going to try this solution (i am in France).
    BUT where do you enter the CD key if you have not the launcher that figure on the CD ?

    At the moment I dont see any place to enter the key when I launch AO from my PC.

    I dont want to order the game and make it go to Miami and receive a key that i cant use !

    Was this debate philosofical or does somebody have already entered his cdkey without the CD ?

    __________________________________________________ _
    About the EULA :
    Imagine a father (who dont have AO) who order the pack and call his son who has AO (in different city) to give him the key by voila ! The father go to jail !
    Lol...Sarkozy frappe partout (Private joke)

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    Just go to and you can enter your NW registration key from there. That's what I had to do even though I have a copy of Notum Wars. (yeah, I'm one of those damnable lucky americans, I guess /shrug)
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    SoulM actually what is being propsed here is really no different than people giving away the free month that comes with NW (which FC are actually encouraging people to do since they cant use the month on an existing account) which after all is just a key. Since an EULA has yet (to my knowledge) to actually be challenged in a court (let alone upheld) arguing its legality in any case (especially one as 'grey' as this) is a rather futile excersize.

    End result? Retail chain is happy it made a sale, FC get brownie points with retail chain, player gets to play NW, 'proxy purchaser' doesnt use CD key, all appropriate parties get paid - sorry I'm not seeing a downside to this.

    You really are creating a mountain out of a molehill, I suggest you go outside and get some air.
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