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Thread: California? Anyone found a copy on shelves?

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    I live in Walnut Creek, Cali and I can't find it.
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    EB in Palmdale Mall.
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    Im in Santa Clara, called all of the EB's within 25 miles....... no one has it.

    They said they expect more tomorrow..........hhmm

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    I live in Portland Oregon and i did a search of all the Software etc/babbages/funcoland/Gamestop, all owned by the same company so same DB, NONE had a copy on Wednesday. The person there said it MAY come in the next day. Well, NOT.

    They should have copies on the 3rd of December. They even had up on there to be released board the 19th of November for the released date of TNW. They did have 4 or 5 copies of the AO Special edition though.

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    Long Beach, CA... nada
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    /me gives a big shout out to all the Bay Area homies!

    I remember playing a few months back and it turned out one of my teammates lived four blocks away. How random is that??

    I checked all the game stores I could think of in SF and Daly City. Nada. Three places HAD had copies, but most hadn't even heard of it.

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    I found my copy in the EB in Stonestown. I know the ones at Embarcadero has them too...

    This is in San Francisco

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    And both were sold out by mid-afternoon Saturday... Beat.

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    I think all the software store employees wanted the ql 250 tower areas to themselves!
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    EB stores up here were all ninjalooted, I think.


    Maybe we could all get together and hold a protest rally. ;-D
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    EB in Irvine

    I got mine (the only copy) at EB in Irvine Spectrum. Monday they were sold out!

    NW is very hard to find!!!
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    Finally showed up in Visalia area heh only problem was there's my wife, me, and two of our friends here that all play but there were only 3 copies in the store...

    I'm buying my wife a copy as soon as more come in. Only reason she let me install it was I was home recovering from surgery and might play.

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    Arrived at FedEx Destination LocationEMERYVILLE CA 12/06/2002 07:49
    Arrived at Sort FacilityOAKLAND CA 12/06/2002 04:31


    *waiting with a chair by the door*
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    EB in the Westminster Mall had one copy when i got mine

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    Picked my copy up last night (Dec. 5) at the Gamestop in San Jose next to Barnes and Noble on Stevens Creek. Got the only one on the shelf though.

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    san jose eb

    Im in salinas.
    All the stores had none.
    closest was a 125 mile round trip drive to San Jose. One of the EBs had it.

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    cool, i'm from oakland too
    haven't got NW yet.. checking out emeryville tomorrow
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    Gave up no Fry's, Bought@EB, Covina, CA

    Hello all,

    Well I have been waiting and calling Frys of California since I have some credit there. But I ended up finally just calling EB 6 miles away in Covina, CA (Pasadena, San gabriel valley area of Southern California) and they had it in stock.

    Frys loses my business again...

    See you in the Notum Wars!

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