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Thread: NW can't be found in Retail chains?

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    Originally posted by April

    We are doing everything we can to encourage our distributors to make TNW a priority, but we have had a rough relationship with retailers and we're trying to repair that. It is tough to get in though.
    What she is basically saying is that they screwed up their distributor/retailer relationship by making the original game available for download and that it is going to take one or two times of "Playing by the Rules" (distributor/retailer rules) for them to restore that relationship.

    You see, stores don't like to order a product only to have it stuck on their shelves due to the publisher offering it via a download, after all who would want to buy a game and be stuck with it when you have to option to try it out free beforehand?. This created a situation where the only way the stores can get rid of the product (in this case AO) is by discounting it, sometimes at a loss. Needless to say, major US (and other) retailers aren't in the habit of stocking their shelves with products that do not make them a handsome profit. As far as the distribution chain goes, they rely on orders from said stores, if there is no demand from the big players (Best Buy, Circuit City, etc.) they aren’t too concerned about make it one of their top priorities.

    So since the retailer/distributor chain has been burnt once by Funcom with AO, they are going to make them “pay the price” so to speak in order to get back in their good graces.
    This coupled with the fact that AO is a relatively minor player in the game world anyway, is what is causing the current delays.

    While I agree that they should limit the placement of towers until a greater percentage of players have registered, I do not think they should offer the download option. By doing so, they will forever bar themselves from the traditional retail chain and give up any hope of attracting any significant new player base. Hopefully, if Funcom follows the rules of the retail world this time around, we will all have a much easier time finding Shadowlands when/if it is released.

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    Heh.......I walked into the local EB store here in Council Bluffs, Iowa, and pre-ordered NW about 4-5 days ago. Walked back into the store today with my receipt and took home my NW copy. I also saw that there were 2 other NW pre-orders sitting behind the counter.......odd, I thought I was the only player in my little burg LOL.

    If you didn't want to pre-order online, you could have just pre-ordered directly at your favorite store. Sure, there still might have been some supply problems. But the retailer is gonna make a bigger effort for a game that's ALREADY SOLD rather than something that might just sit on the shelf and gather dust.

    I also understand there were problems with some online pre-orders being lost. THAT sucks. Makes me feel better that I took the time to do my pre-order in person.
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    European not getting it....

    SE asia will be worst it seems.....
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    I bought a copy at the EB in Clearwater, FL today, and there was still a copy left on the shelf as of noon.

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    Checked BB, Circut City, and another small chain that usualy has everything. The smaller chain had 2 copies of the Special Addition, but no luck on the BP or any AO product in the other stores. That's not problems with the stores, FC needs a distributer that can meet deadlines like the name implies they should.
    Well, good luck with those stores, and yell a bit louder at Digital River .

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    Ferrett, I called multiple EB's in Pinellas County and none have even heard of Anarchy Online nor Notum Wars. Goes to show you what people know about their inventories.

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    I've just found three copies (make that 2 since I reserved one for me) at the EB in Ridgmar Mall in Fort Worth, TX for any DFW'ers. Gentleman I spoke with on the phone said they had more on order.
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