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Thread: Ammo Bug?

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    Ammo Bug?

    There seems to be either a bug that when you stack a certain amount of ammo you lose a whole whack of it...

    Once I bought a huge amount of ammo, I kept buying it just cause I was bored and thought I'd stock up. I had about 65K rounds in my inventory and bough another 20K rounds, when I merged the two, the ammo count went back to 6-7K rounds, as much as I could try, the rest of it had just dissappeared.

    This happened to anyone else? And yes I realize it may seem idiotic to stock up on so much ammo, but hey, still shouldn't make it all dissapear just like that!

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    Yeah the very same thing happenend to me- I wanted to see how long it took me to click 100k rounds, hehe .. I had about 10k in my inv allready, added another 103k, and when they combined.. Whoof- I got 37k... oh well.
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