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Thread: Missing Omni-Tek on RK2

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    Thumbs down Missing Omni-Tek on RK2

    Hiya all

    Well for some time now Clan have Owned Tarasque dongeon. I gues mostly to Omni's havening a very low interest in the place atm. Omni personal say that there is some communication problem over there among the bigger org's and well we know that some omnis have switched side to clan and well some have switched to omni. But it stil remain that for this to remain interesting we need a strong oponent. I hope that Omni-Tek on RK2 will get their **** together and come and give us a fight both in Camelot Castle and around the planet on the bases that will be buildt when FC hit the Notum Wars Activation button. Without the resistance this is going to be way to easy.

    I personaly would liked to have seen that it got evened out a litle in the Camelot dongeons.

    In this case i have a suggestion for FC they say they are making some sort of crowd control to prevent "Lag" and crashes and so on. Well why not make something like this.

    In every Tara dongeon lets say GS1 GS2 GS3 make it splitable for 30 people in a dongeon per side. So if clan have 30 people it spawn a dongeon. In that way fill up dongeons on and on and to give omni's a even field and clan a interesting fight that is even for both sides to some extent. Atm we roll right over omni-tek and sins they dont have the high lvl numbers on that side as we do we have to look on alternatives to fix this problem and well if it is possible for FC to limit or control the amount of side people clan and omni or even neutrals in the dongeon or future simular dongeons that would be great. Sins as we have done it so far we are to strong for them. And sins one side have become to strong for the other alternative solutions have to be found and this is my sugestion.

    Well that was my 5 cent hope it gets a discussion going because we are getting borred on RK2 in the castle without the resistance.

    I have no clue atm how it looks on RK1 or RK3 but i gues you have simular problems or are on the way on putting yourself into it.

    *Waves* to the audience

    // Marlark, Velvet President

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    I think the Omni's got dissappointed with the organisational troubles in the past. Most people I know, still want to go to Tara, but are waiting till things are set in motion properly again.

    Untill then it's little use of showing up, since we get outnumbered 50 to 10 or so.
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    Nah - just waiting for Camelot MK II to get placed in Omni HQ
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    I havent done the Tara race so many times but the few times that I have been on the side that slayed Tara I saw something that pissed me of.

    A low level clan that was around level 40 walked all the way to the tara while we was splitting the loot he obvously tried to ninjaloot the corpse and none could slay him eather since he was below level 75.

    What is wrong with that picture ?

    What surprises me is that Camelot doesnt lay on neutral ground.

    what im saying is that eather they shut off the low levels to enter Camelot 75. Or that they make it easyer to acces from all side of the conflict or equal hard for everyone.

    The omni need to eather have a Yalmie to get to Avalon or high complit to get through the grid to Camelot.

    A clan need to be level 1 and have 1000 credits on the pocket to be freed from the backyard..... and well walk all the way up to the strongest monster on the map and sniff on the loot.

    Do you really wonder why Clan mostley own tarasque ?

    Let me ask you this ...... do you think that you would have same dominance if both sides had the same chance to reach the dungeon ???

    And well its alot of plasic clanners there ..... with that means peolpe that mostley have been Omni a quite long time for later chance to clan .

    Why they change well maybe its just to have a better chance to get to tarasque loot.

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    I remember my first tara raid! It was such a blast, there was about 30 to 40 clanners and about the same Omni there, well at least the sides were pretty even. it was a all out war in the box room and in the hall. I had so much fun, but lately no omni
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    Role players please feel free to ignore this post. For all others:

    /me points out the omni application forms

    We would be more than happy to have most of you come over and help fill our ranks. Bring your friends, bring your entire guilds. If you want a good fight, please come and help us to make it one.
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    dont forgot

    omni's have done almost every server first on rk2 while all the clanners are at tara. big suprise?

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    I currently like the fact the omni don't show up.

    I remember the times when the spawn times were 20 minutes and before that when I attented a munchie raid on the dragon and won the GPH (YES!). Anyways... I can see why they don't show up. The way we stand outside and then when the word is given 50 of us rush in the door. Presto. With a limit of 60 for the GS it would give 10 omni or less the chance to come in and 'take us out'.

    Good luck...if your that bored to die come on in.

    Funcom: I see no problem with the way things are. The 1 guard at the entrance can be easily taken out by 1 lvl 180+ enforcer. So crying that 'we don't have a good place to stand and wait for the GS' is crap.
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    I'd like to go to Tarasque some more, but I don't really see Omni having much of a chance. The times I've gone, which have been about 10-12 or so, Clan outnumbered Omni and were much more organized. And thats the one big problem with Omni, they really seem to lack organization, they all seem to want to do their own thing.

    I've seen this on tower battles too, Omni players just want to do their own thing, instead of group together and try to work in force. It seems to me that most Omni are fixated on having PvP titles, so much so that they refuse to put any risk into their play. Personally, I'd like to see the removal of PvP titles, especially with the release of Notum Wars. Its supposed to be about 'Wars', hence the title, not personal acheivement. If you want to have one on one fights, go to the Arenas, Notum Wars and Tarasque is supposed to be about organized battles. Its about time Omni got some organization together.

    I'd love to be involved with Tarasque and Tower battles, with proper tactics and organization in use. Take Tower battles for instance.. can you imagine it? Everyone gathers around the main tower to defend, the NTs at the back ready to rain artillery down on the attacking force, the enforcers and soldiers in front to take up the main offensive, the fixers and other fast movers working around the sides, striking in fast to pick out easy targets, before pulling back again. I mean, Notum Wars has so much potential but people are scared to try anything fun.

    But this was about Tarasque. I keep checking the Omni channel to see if people are going, but its been silent for quite a while lately. And to be honest, I don't really blame them. When they do turn up, they're outnumbered, have lower levels, are too scared to lose titles and lack any real organization to make a decent attempt. Only once have I seen Omni defeat the Clan and kill Tarasque, in all the time I've been going.

    Anyway, I'm rambling..

    Spookdoc - RK2 - Omni

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    greatest problem is tara is to boring. no omni who could lead a raid wants to go their .. to frustratin to see that u only can mobolize like 30 omnis and 20 clanners (that can pvp and would deserve t) + 40 "i want loot for free" clanners come their. rk2 tara fights will be dead for some time
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    Tara isn't worth the fight - fill up a playfield and milk Tara, what its all about....
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    Is why i sugested some time ago to put in some sort of crowd controll in Camelot Castle. Limiting the side numbers .. in there so it become the fighting place we want it to be.

    Basecly put in 2 things a crowd controll and a min lvl limit to the place.

    It aint a perfect solution but it is atleast a way in the right direction. In the current way we are doing things on RK2 we are basecly killing of the Omni side. They need to be able to say hey cool even thow we are fewer we can stil make it on a fair battlefield. Today we have crowd controll at tower battles comming why not put in some in the castle to fix this problem.

    I donno how it is with Will to fight but i gues it was a attempt todo something simular to the tara raid but with the weight of PvP but damn that place is a disaster i must say in the components FC added to it. Why not make it a combo bet them 3 thins ... basecly take the good things from WTF and Tara and the Crowd controll and you would have a kick ass dongeon... If FC cant make one .. let the players help you out then... sins it looks like we the players know what we want for a static dongeon.

    Put up a player panel from the 3 sides simular to the professional program and we will show you how a dongeon is supposed to work.

    Or get your designers .. come on a controlled tara raid and we the players on RK2 can show you how a crowd controll system would help that place. basecly by getting 30 clan and 30 omni in dongeon on a set date and you will c first hand why 50 clan and 10 omni aint the way to controll the place...

    PS do not say this line ..: But if omni kill 1 clan they can get a new omni in .. there bla bla .. and making it 49 clan and 11 omni that takes to damn long time for the omnis and aint a way of doing it.. that is the simple excuse for the designers to get their time into something else. And before the omni get a equal force one side have taken out Tara and then it is all over. That is why Omni is so frustrated to not show up as i c it.

    So down to it get a crowd controll system in there FC so that place become the fun place we all want... and for WTF make it the honerable place it was intended to be... A place to fight for the end price just like with tara.. The base idea is good with WTF but somewhere when designing that place the designers went on a breake and came back and said WTF we are done with this and let's release it.

    // Marlark, Clan, Velvet President, Adv 195, RK2

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    O some more ranting here hehe a litle off topic maybe but close to the subject anyway

    The Tower fighting siuation.

    I c only one way for omni to get some DMG done and i have said so over and over ..... and will continue doing so ... Until it hit the omni's that we are right... The only way (Based on the numbers omni have in people) for omni to do some dmg on clan bases atm is not main mumbers of battles .. it is the way they fight in... Atm they have to use alternative ways like gerilla tactics... (PS not intell digging) Basecly attack multiple bases and do it smart in smaller groups... making clan split up in sections...

    O boy now im giving them help on how to fight us hehe. LOL

    There is some Omni people that have good ideas on how to do this but they dont get heard due to people trowing **** at them for trying to do something different.

    Based on the current situation i predict that if omni dont start shaping up soon and look on alternative ways of doing things they will not own any bases soon at all... clan will have trown them out all the way down to Omni Towns.

    A good thing is the alliances that have been forming over there. and it is a start. Some people are starting to think in the right direction. Question is can they keep up the steam and continue on the good work...

    So i would like to say GJ to all you Omni that try and take responsabilety for what you are doing ...

    And i hope to c you all out on the battlefield. I dont mind loosing fights. But i dont like to be able to run strait over you all.

    I dont think there is any Clan org on RK2 that want the situation as is on RK2 to continue.. so Clan let's give them a helping hand on the ways we can so we get the resistance we need.. I saw something good not long ago that was the attack omnis made on Honestys base.. thow i didnt think the good thing in honesty loosing the base it was the way omni executed the fight. Basecly picking target wisly and taking it out with a somewhat smart plan .. maybe not intentionaly but never the less incuraging to c that they put some thought in their attack.

    // Marlark, Clan, Velvet President, Adv 195
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    O and BTW one more thing :

    Saying go over to omni side is a way of solving things.. it aint.

    And the people that went clan just to be on the winning side or to get Tara loot because we have the controll of the place.. But have their heart on omni side... Going Clan is not the solution ether.

    // Marlark

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    Maybe a longshot

    In my personal opinion i think there should be a dungeon exactly like Tara but not tara for omni.

    Make it drop loot comparable to tara

    Make the hp of this mob just like tara

    Make the mobs on the way there same difficulty as tara

    Make the guards there omni guards instead of clan ones

    Make it more easily accessable by omni

    Make this sumthin we can defend like clan can defend tara

    i promise u if this came into play and funcom said that this is new omni equal to tara that this would stimulate the omni high lvl ppl so we can say that we are defending our own

    i dont know about u guys but i love this idea and i dont seem to get the response i hope for maybe its cuz no one on rk2 cares and and ppl on rk1 are content bcuz they have a chance

    i did tara with my main and i dont know how it workd but we had like 10 clan members there is this due to the gs2 popping up cuz i think that clan took gs2 cuz they filled it

    im not sure how that works if anyone wants to enlightin me

    but consider it
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    Originally posted by Dyna18
    I think the Omni's got dissappointed with the organisational troubles in the past. Most people I know, still want to go to Tara, but are waiting till things are set in motion properly again.

    Untill then it's little use of showing up, since we get outnumbered 50 to 10 or so.

    I think we all remember what happened last time omni owned Tara for a little while ppl got gready and decided to ***** it up for the rest of the ppl going to the raids,

    even it was only a feav i dont think eny of the ppl that were active in planing it will want to spend that much time in something that they tried once and got killed of by thier own basicly....
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    Cool BUMP

    If i take that post correct Milmaker

    You are after a dongeon that is simpler to get to and defend for omni and harder for clan to get to.

    Hey im all for that

    Love challanges!!!


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    exactly i havent heard it put so simply Marlark

    easier to get to and easier to defend

    will get omni in gear will give them some incentive or more i hope
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    Marlark, the crowd control idea is a good idea.. maybe it would nudge all of us out here who wants to do Tara, but know that it's hopeless after the last Breaking of the Omni.

    We have enough people to put up a fight as it is, but very many of the high lvls/good pvp'ers/good organizers are very fed up with tara. I don't blame them, but I'm sure there still is a bunch of us that wants in on Tara..
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    Seems most Omni have realized that Tara is crummy. I mean, mediocre gameplay at best.
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