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Thread: Ammo Count

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    Ammo Count

    In line with the reload button (which is also needed) perhaps a small on screen display of the amount of ammo you currently have loaded in your gun would be a nice addition to the game. Look at any FPS style game if you really need help with this one. It makes sense that in the year 30 jillion billion or whenever AO is actually supposed to be set that they would have some sort of nice little HUD that showed the amount of ammo left in your weapon. I know it's not that hard to find out how much ammo you have now, but it does take a several second break, and when you're in combat you don't always have that time to spare to re-click your wear tab and right click your weapon. This would also save a lot of grief for those using specials that require X number of rounds to be in the clip for them to actually work as intended.

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    Good point.

    Ok i sorta like the auto reload but i hate when i enter a fight and then just then i have to reload taking 2+ hits of heavy damage.

    Like having it say like above your health bar would me great something simple like 12/30 for the ammo thing, and a simple button to reload when your not in battle, or if you have a pet, to reload while the pet takes the fall for a lil' bit.

    Something simple like that, makes it seam a little more realistic.
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    Bump for the Ammo count and reload button.

    Its annoying opening up the character window just to check whether you can use all your specials or not.

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