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Thread: Servers: Up or Down?

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    Servers: Up or Down?

    I've got the day off, supposedly for this national holiday in the US where most people watch parades on TV and football, all based around some celebration over the first peaceful years my ancestors had with the natives of this land before the genocidally slaughtered most of them.

    I logged on this morning, saw 'servers will be down for 3 hours for a patch' and I was like, no problem. I'll be back in a few hours after a big lunch, and I'll be able to play some AO while I wait for the lunch I practically stuffed myself with to digest. So I go, talk with the family, be thankful of something or the other, and eat.

    Then I came back to, "AO servers are down for a server side patch for the next 30 min". Ah... 30 minutes. That's okay. I can wait a bit. Maybe I'll go take a walk. After eating such a big lunch I'm sure that's the healthy thing to do. Thanks FC for being concerned about my health.

    So now I'm back from my walk. I sit down, start up AO, and what do I see? "AO servers are down for a server side patch for the next 60 min." Now we have a problem. That time should be decreasing rather than increasing. WTF FunCom, it's my day off and I just wanna play this stupid game. Are the servers going to be working today or not?

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    but this thread go up
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