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Thread: battle kits prevents using anything.

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    battle kits prevents using anything.

    that's IF you don't have 0ping + 100fps.

    several times my soldier alt in the subways sat down mid-fight and used the battle prepared treatment kits, restarted battle by pressing Q, and finds the brown "item" bar does not "recharge" and thus i cannot use any items until i zone/die. that's ALL items cannot be used. luckily the alt is lv15 or so and he doesn't lose xp, so i retested it over and over again and it happens about 2 times out of 5.

    anything that shows up on the top left bars have the same problem, nukes firing off but there's no animation and the recharge won't kick in. u see dmg dealt, but next time u hit the same nuke it says "aborting previous nanoprogram" and then u hit it another time to start another zero animation nuke. same goes for weapons. the problem with the battle prepared kits is that if it prevents u from using any items, u can't heal, u can't loot corpse, u can't do anything. attacking is still possible and moving things around in your inventory and changing equipment is ok.

    fix this soon plz.
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    Big big bump- I encountered this EXACT problem last night, only it happnened to me more like 4/5 times.

    FC please fix this, you're gonna tick off alot of unexpirenced noobies with this one.
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