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Thread: Doctor Complete Heal, bugged?? EEEK!

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    Exclamation Doctor Complete Heal, bugged?? EEEK!

    Ever been in a group getting the snot beat out of you and the doc is losing the battle and you are about to die...

    Doc executes "Complete Heal" to regain control and what does he see but... "Target does not have enough NCU to execute this program"... Death soon follows.

    Complete Heal is the ONLY doctor heal nano that has a NCU req!

    00:00:01 Duration

    No other doc nanos have this requirement, thus opening the door for two nasty scenareos:
    - The intended patient has his NCU full and the program cannot be run and they die. Why was this nano created with no durration and 1 NCU requirment? doesnt make much sense, the Full Team Complete Heal does not have this Req, why this one?

    - Having a NCU req forces the NCU availability check when the nano is cast, in one instance (Today), was bugged and the target died as a result stating the target did not have enough NCU when in reality they did. (The victom lost 10+ million experience)

    I reported the occurance to ARK, dont know how it will be followed up so I am posting here to be sure.

    Lvl 160 Doc

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    Yea this is so the new Soldier nano will work.... The one that cancles CH's
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    Pardon me for hijacking the thread, here..

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    Yep, this is a total pain. You should visit the doc board, Seuss, there's a good amount of complaining going on about it over there.

    People have been dying. They get an NCU buff, then run out to fight some big unique. Part way through, the buff runs out and then no CH. Dead char.
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