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Thread: Takes 20 people and 2 docs to do anything "new" or worth the time in AO now

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    FunCom = NotSoFunCom

    Well the inevitable happened, to many cooks in the kitchen can do this to a game ( i.e Ultima Online, Phantasy Star online) what was a really good dame has become something completely useless to work at. not that i really care but who in there right mind wants to spend and average of 40 hours a week just to have fun and gain soemthing... there was a time that i could actually look at this game and justify the linkdeaths, server drop outs, psycho guides, crazed 10 year old players spending daddies money to harras and annoy players, Twinks who just spend the whole allowance in some E-bay Auction, but now its kinda sad i really.. hope that FC made some coin on the other titles because the end result for this game will be a 3 year story arc right to the end of the line....

    Want a Yahlma? thats 14 Million dollars " says the FC employee in true Austin powers fashion"

    Psst..want a million credits..that will be 50$ us currency ..." Leet HaX0r lvl 200 Moron"
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    Yes, this have turned into camporama. You cant go to the toilet without brining multiple teams/guilds,/factions at it anymore..

    The last week I have been trained, tried ninjaed, and tried griefed in any way thinkable...

    And as someone said, lots of ppl are frustrated cause you need so many ppl do do anything, and anything is camping some insane mob for hrs anyway.....

    I liked this game earlier on, cause you could do things ALONE, or with few ppl if you so desired...
    That option is getting more and more removed...

    Heh, cant even pvp anymore due to the ESC bug that renders specials & nanos inusable...Well, some ppl seems to enjoy the opportunity tho exploit the situation, but thats nothing new...

    I mean you cant even do the Jack Legchopper quest for that lousy proff ring alone, if youre not a fixer ofc...

    I never bothered to play everquest, but this is truning into evercamp, and I do sincerly not find it amusing at all.....

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    Originally posted by Alantria
    I know what you mean, the quest design team is very unimaginative.

    You mean there accualy is a team for Quest???

    coulda fooled me
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    "Takes 20 people and 2 docs to do anything "new" or worth the time in AO now

    so in a year, i predict it will take 50 people and 5 docs to do anything they make new, and there will be about 5 omni guilds left"

    This is really the sad part. New mobs are insanely difficult, but on the other hand...why are you trying to kill them? Its not like they are worth the XP or anything.

    "3. Solo missions "tailored" to the proffession taking the mission."

    Not sure what you mean about tailored, but you can still solo missions in this game. Nothing has changed in that aspect. You don't have to team, but teaming does make faster levels. Soloing is hard work.

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    yes, and takes ages for kill 1 with 20ppl

    I heard the politic of FC was against camping... that is all u can do except miss at highest lvl... (no my char lvl 143 is not high enough)

    FC, if u want to make big guilds having loot only, well it is done (i am thinking about some unique in primus camp), but if u want to make 50ppl to kill a mob that drops 1-2 or 3 items max, it is simply insane...

    So what ? make it drop more things ? nerf them so 2 team can kill it in about 20minutes ?

    and btw why did u made a mob that drop NS MK II about everytime when NT got new fixer GA killer nano and GA is still needed ? do that with GA MK III/IV too...
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