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Thread: Fun at T?? CAN'T BE!

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    Fun at T?? CAN'T BE!

    Wow! Actually had fun at Tarasque again today.

    Had a semi-organized raid today. GS1 was just party time....don't think we saw a single clanner at all. GS4 was really awesome! Never had enough to get a kill team and we eventually losted control of the GS, but damn that was fun anyway.
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    Omni back in Camelot?


    - schma (who needs to get some real armor now =/)

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    Thanks to wildwal for keeping us organized without a bot, and thanks to the omni who didn't care about T in gs4 and just had a blast trying to hold the box. The most fun yet.

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    What is this I read?

    Omnis in Camelot?

    Whats happened?


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