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Thread: The Sentinels in Tir

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    What's a "notum war"? Since when did we start a war? Why just yesterday two members of the CoA ((can't remember their names)) were able to sit peacefully and undisturbed at Rompa, and I certainly didn't see any war on the streets...


    Aside from the billboards and new stores that are up around Rubi-Ka, we have no idea "in-character" that there's a war. Nor do we know that we'll have a chance to mine notum ourselves. The only thing we know is that suddenly Mr. Silverstone has decided to take over Tir, that the world became a lot more commercialized, and that, gee, they opened up the old subway .

    And we're supposed to go to war in 24 hours?))

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    It is not difficult to see the fights coming up if you talk with the various Sentinels around. Thanks to them, we know that OT is about to grant destructive power to nearly every OT employee alive on RK thanks to the tower technology that some Sentinels managed to steal. On our side, the Sentinels are spreading the technology already, through engineer Maple and supply master xx (forgot his name).
    From there, it doen't take a rocket scientist to foresee the fights coming up, and it's not going to be on the streets, unless we can upgrade the towers with wheels or something...

    Ooh, the name "notum wars"? *ahem* I made that up. *ahem* it sounded cool. *cough*

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