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Thread: Please fix PET PATHING!!!!!!

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    Yes, this fix would be nice. But for god's sake, fix the freaking lag problem we have had since 14.6.
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    The pathing is a problem reminescent of launch. There is a stonewalling going on, albeit, in the form of the statement: we are powerless to do something about this problem. It equates to a disregard for the classes who must suffer for this flaw in game design. The pathing problem is a direct impediment to recreation.

    I have given them the benefit of the doubt. I will see what, if anything, is done in the expansion. If it is too little, I will excercise my right to cancel my subscription. That is the most effective form of communication on a large scale.
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    this might adress it, who knows but i would like feedback on it anyways

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