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Thread: Please fix PET PATHING!!!!!!

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    Please fix PET PATHING!!!!!!

    Ok Funcom I have been patient. I have waited around in hopes you would fix pet pathing while you fixed/nerfed other stuff we didn't want in the first place.

    There are 3 classes that are totally gimped because you wont fix pet pathing. Remove the stupid tables and chairs. Remove the small rooms with little to no moving room. Make doors have a wider "opening" for pets. PLEASE do something!!

    If it isn't fixed by next patch I'm gone. There are several other great games out now that won't let problems like these linger around for 2 years.

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    if they could they would have tried to address it by now

    they have admitted they cannot.

    what i do not get is why the hell they decided against the petwarp as was stated in the article as well in the vein of:
    "we thought about it but decided against it."


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    I know they can't change the way pets path but they can atleast remove some of the crap pets get stuck on.

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    they are doing something with missions in 14.8 which they say will help pets

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    Post .

    they prolly thought that giving the pet warp to the pet classes would be very "unbalancing" top the other popular classes and rooting classes.

    For example, in a PvP encounter, engi meets .... agent. Agent root engi slayer, but engi have a pretty high runspeed, engi run over to agent, start attacking and insta warp pet to the agent, that would be, in FC's opinion, very not fair ( in my opinion it is fair, i mean then at least agents could at least root us instead of just shoot us to death while the bot watches )

    I know that we all just want the warp for PvM, but that would be too much work to implement for the "minority" classes. They just save the energy to help out the MA, traders, and etc

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    What I think they should do is make the pet take the exact same path as the character did, if the pet is following behind. I can't count the times I've come across a mob only to discover my pet stuck in a wall a few rooms back and not responding.

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    Not only does FC need to remove the tables and other obstacles in rooms, but they need to also do something about the doorways, my pet gets stuck on doorways more often. Just removing tables etc will not be sufficient. Perhaps a wider lip on doorways for pets. Or better yet, give us /pet warp!
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    Pets can automatically warp already. And they don't when rooted/mezzed. So what's your point? It's bugged to all hell, and slow to boot. But the mechanic exists. Improve it and make it a manual command and not automatic as it is now. With all the intentional warping mobs do to you and summoning you to them, this can't be all that hard to do.

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    FC.. just remove pets and stop these people from dreaming of the day it will work please. Its never gonna work, and your all only kidding yourself if you ever think a pet is gonna be usefull. FC cares nothging about you.
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    Pet Pathing SUCKS!!!

    I have to say, I really like AO. However, I play a Meta-Physicst and I am about to drop the class all together. I am sick and tired of spending 1/2 my time in a Mission (team or solo) chasing down my pets because they are stuck in a wall somewhere, stuck on a door frame or trying to attack a MoB through a wall. This is totally insane. WTF is going on over at Funcom? Did anyone actually PLAY a pet class in Beta? Didn't anyone see the problems with this?

    I understand that pathing is the hardest and most CPU intensive aspect of an MMORPG, but damn, I though EQ pathing was bad. EQ looks like a dream compaired to AO as far as pathing goes and EQ pathing Sucks.

    What is the problem with having the pet warp to the player if it cannot navigate the map in say 5 seconds? Or having a nano that summons the pet to you, like EQ does? I cannot get a team mission because people simply dont have time to waste on MP's while we run all over the map typing /pet follow.

    At low levels MP's simply are not a "desirable" class without our pets. We have nothing that we can bring to the mission other than our pets. Come on Funcom, fix this problem. Dont become another Verant that leaves game crippling issuses out there for years on end and simply refuses to aknowledge them.

    If you are having a problem fixing this, say something and let us know. But silence on the issue just makes you look like you don't care. And at this point for all I know you don't care. If you did, you would have fixed this, or given us a way to better controll our pets.

    Please save me from having to start a Melee class and become Enforcer / MA number 10,345 in a series of 20,000. I now know why there are so few pet classes in game. No one has the patience or time to waste on this nonsense, and it is nonsense.

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    Major bumpage to this one. I know of no other aspect of the game that infuriates me as pet pathing does. I spend about 1/3 of the time in missions running backa nd forth trying to unstick pets. If FC can't fix it, then they need a check box on mission terminal to remove ALL furniture (especially that <expletive deleted> circular "pet trap") from rooms and make them with non-humpable doors. Ye Gods, why has this been allowed to go on for so very long???

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    I played a Meta but had to park him because pathing was so bad. Then I leveled up a MA because it was impossible to team being a Meta. No one wanted a pet class in their team. Over time the MA started to get dull so I figured I would try a Crat. The Crat was such a joy to play untill my droid and charms started humping walls and geting stuck in doors/tables. I really want to continue playing my crat but it is near impossible. Teams don't want me beause of the mezz nerf, and there is no way they want a pet in their team. Basically I'm at the same point as when I stoped playing my Meta except this time I'm not rerolling. If it isn't fixed I will be forced to try another game.

    I am pleading for Funcom to do something. I really want to continue playing my Crat but its almost impossible at the current state of pathing.

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    Pets stuck? not for long

    I've been experimenting with this on my engi for the past couple of days, and this has worked every time so far. If your pet gets stuck in one of those pieces of furniture that is placed in the dungeons - just go in to the next room, do a /pet follow and stand still for 30 secs and the pet will warp to you. Sure it doesn't fix pet pathing but it makes it a hell of a lot easier to get through those rooms.
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    Look how a mob can walk through a wall...

    um yeah my point exactlly

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    Mob pets path better than player pets it seems

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    darn.. forget about pet pathing... they will never really fix it...

    give pet-profs just a "Heel!"-nano... could have rather long cast-time to prevent mis-use, but always better than searching the stuck pet for minutes and trying to path it to the team...

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    As an Engineer I leanred a trick to combat most of the pet pathing issues.

    Instead of trying to target the mob first, I use the hunt command, though this would be different for a MP I believe.

    I think there was a suggestion made a long time ago for a /pet warp command, which to me was an ingenious idea in my opnion.

    Here is one post discussing this issue, though there are many others.
    FIX PET PATHING ! THANK YOU ! 14.7 ? ? what patch will it be ?
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    I think they should change all missions to one huge box. No doors, no chairs, no tables, just a whole bunch of scattered mobs with a boss standing in the center. Kinda like tarasque, but without the bridges and lava.

    That might fix pet pathing.
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    in my opinion i think the easiest solution for pet pathing would be /pet warp . However, if the pet is rooted this shouldnt work until the root has worn off, this will make things more reasonable and fair. But looking on the technical side i think that it will take alot of time and effort to get pet pathing sorted and i really dont think it will ever be completely fixed...

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    I've been experimenting with this on my engi for the past couple of days, and this has worked every time so far. If your pet gets stuck in one of those pieces of furniture that is placed in the dungeons - just go in to the next room, do a /pet follow and stand still for 30 secs and the pet will warp to you. Sure it doesn't fix pet pathing but it makes it a hell of a lot easier to get through those rooms.
    Doesn't work all the time, sorry.

    Don't worry about the pathing, they'll never fix it. Never never never. It was an issue in the beta. Never Fixed. Never going to put a warp command or nano in because it would make the bots do something occasionally. Give up. make a trader/Sol/Enfo/MA/Doc Pathing will never be fixed. Removing furniture wont fix it. There was a great suggestion for waypoints. But those will never be implemented because it makes sense. Pathing outside isn't too bad, if you forget the pet getting stuck on the .000000001mm lumps in the ground. And running away from fights as you get beaten to death.

    Funcomm can't do something that makes sense. We know this by now. Making money is the name of the game. They make money. Quality software doesn't make money. Fast production makes money.
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