I’m presently having the following problems don’t know if anyone else is…..

Cast Nanos:-

When in a mission I’m getting a lot of already casting or nanobots are busy messages, this can even be at the start of an encounter when I’m trying to cast my first nuke. The cast bars are no longer active when I try so it’s not me being impatient. This gets to the point where the attack and recharge of my nanos is huge due to always getting these message.

Outside bosses – Using nanos is almost impossible you cast the first “attack” nano and the nano icon on the shortcut bar greys out and either the recharge bar very very slowly goes down or stays at full. The only way to clear this is to repeatedly pickup the shortcut icon and put it back down again repeat 5-10 times even then sometime when u cast you get the cancelling previous cast message. This is so bad that I managed to get killed by a boss mob 30+ lvls below me yesterday!!!!

Health packs

Happens from time to time but when it does happen it continues until you zone (although that doesn’t always solve it)– sit down right click on health pack and the count goes down but no “heal” if you click again get the message cannot be used for 12 seconds and repeat after 12 seconds……