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Thread: again: Ghost damage

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    again: Ghost damage


    I've read the board and found an entry of August concerning the so called "ghost damage". Nothing seems to have changed since then.
    My point of view:

    Things don't get easier. Yesterday I finally hit lvl 100 with my MA. Compared to others, I am still a "poor" guy; I have no yalm and it is always hard to afford new imps, ncu and stuff like that.

    Now, solo missions lead more and more to areas, where it is hardly possible, to survive the long run. If I finally find one (near Bliss or in Avalon e.g.), the mission item is mostly crap. So far, so bad, but after 10 minutes and a fortune of spent credits I mostly find something, which is worth the trouble.

    Now, as I said, things are getting tough and tougher. Even in a solo mission (difficulty slider untouched in the middle) one can encounter hard to kill mobs. So some tactics are necessary. To make it short: I have my tactic to go through those dungeons, but very often this happens: I hit a mob and run towards the exit room (to zone out, if it is too hard). On the map I see the mob far behind in another room. Nevertheless, he keeps hitting me. I understand, that this might be a server/client issue, but to know this, doesn't make things better.
    Ok, I run and arrive at the exit room with 3/4 of my health. Mob arrives, hard fight, I win. I sit down to heal and get the message, that I am still in a fight. And suddenly the chat window becomes red with "you were hit ....." messages. Who hits me? I don't know. I zone out, heal up, zone in. And now there is another mob, obviously the "ghost", who hit me before.
    Again: I understand lag, server/client problems, router is bad and all that stuff. What I cannot understand is the fact, that there is obviously no intention of FC to fix this.
    I saw team mates dieing because of this, loosing several mill XP, myself died because of this very often and I am sure, everybody here suffered the same.
    My question: What do I need tactics? Why must I "learn" the game's mechanics, if a crappy bug like this destroys all effords within some secs (btw, it's just one of those really annoying bugs; meanwhile I could write a book and I am sure, higher levels could write several sequels)?
    I'd like to know other opinions.


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    Sort of the same thing

    I've still had the mobs attack after they are dead. I'll get the Cannot attack target as it is already dead msg but the mob will still get off a couple of shots on me. Very dangerous and nasty.
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    there is a way: If you receive those messages, just sit down. The "dead" mob will then break down immeadiately. I've read this on the board here, tried it and it works. If in team, just tell your mates to do so. IMO the one, who killed the mob will get this effect.



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    Pressing Escape works too ..

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