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Thread: Griefers

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    How will griefers be dealt with by ark at player run events ?

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    I would avoid having in game events in 25% zones. Unless you mean just annoying NOOBs in which case /petition is probably a good choice.

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    People who keep shouting things just to interfere are temporarily muted.

    Everyone else can do what they want... that includes breaking rules and doing their best to screw it up.

    A recent example is with the duel Portman arranged between me and a clanner named Caid.

    We fought, I was stomping him and Taxed (A member of Opposing Farce) joined in to prove he's ub3r.

    Anyway, that's just an example of a person trying to ruin an event.

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    Teleporting out of the area is also a popular method for removing people.

    Baiscly you can do about 2 things put them on ignore and petition about it.

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