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Thread: the new "free for al PvP cap" at lvl 150! :(

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    In response to the example in the first post where some docs stopped an entire guild from killing anyone: try focusing your fire. I takes a minor amount of discipline. But you'll find that a doc can't heal anyone that's insta-killed.
    Heals - they're not just for tradeskills anymore
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    Silly? Is it silly that a L200 cant attack someone at L75 anymore? Is it silly that for once, someone level 75 can walk into a PvP zone without getting to be a free kill for someone anywhere in the range of 100+ ? I think not, I think it's a good thing.
    The fact that a 200 could attack a 75 in the past.. THAT was silly... just my 2 creds.
    No I didnt much care for lvl 200's attacking lvl 75s, but under the new system there will essentioally be NO open PvP. It will all be contained by the restrictions of lvls anyway.

    if I remember the PvP lvls for non open PvP are something like 75%-133% of your level. Why have 150+ open PvP, when anyone 150+ can already fight eachother? A lvl 150 can fight from 112-200 anyway. The PvP range for a lvl 200 is 150-200. Thats not "open" PvP, thats just the normal mechanics.

    My point was that if FC wants to have "open" PvP to allow people who are not normally in eachothers range to fight then 150 is stupid as it doesnt allow anything new at all.

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    So what are the Tower PvP limits?

    I hear one band is level 51-85. Does that mean anyone who can PvP a level 85 can PvP that tower?

    I predict there will be PvP bands so it might actually be fun to keep several lower level alts just for this type of action. That is if you find some fun in twinking vs. leveling.
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    I'm against this change, I do admit the level 75 cap makes PvP pointless for lvl 75-130ish chars, but the problem should be fixed by a different solution.

    Moving the cap to 150 will make PvP even more boring for high level chars, it also defeats the purpose of getting yourself a high level char. You level hard and expect to be rewarded by being able to "own", but guess what, FC won't allow you to own by putting caps.

    IMO, res shocks and reclaim should be removed after dying PvP, and everybody should be able to fight everybody. Death penalty is mainly what makes PvP so annoying for lvl 75-130 chars. If you would respawn immediately after death, ready to go straight back into battle you really don't care about getting owned by higher levels :P

    The system I just explained is what the previous MMORPG I played used, and it works, it's fun for everybody, you get great and big battles, being a high level pays off, while still keeping it fun for lower levels.

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    Originally posted by Yazule

    not true, a 150 still will be able to attack a 149, there will still be a range, just like a 74 can be attacked by a 75.

    Just an estimate but a 149 will be able to fight up to like 180 so a 200 will not be able to fight a 149.
    if a 200 can team a 149, a 200 should be able to pvp a 149.
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    Watch out for those lv140 teams trying to take camelot while the lv200s sit there unable to do anything

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    I used to think that the only reason the pvp free for all was set to 75 was because FC didn't expect very many people to make it to lvl 100+. Back then there weren't but a few, and it made sense that they should own. That was the only reason it made sense. Now that its possible to take a character past lvl 100 within a week (I know ppl that have done it) the free for all at 75 makes no sense whatsoever. In a game where levels make such an utterly drastic difference in power, you can't have pvp without lvl restrictions, so you put a range on it. They should have just removed the free for all pvp lvl concept entirely to avoid this confusion, but that is what they 'effectively' did with the 150 cap.

    Of course as with any change a dozen people don't understand what it means and raise a hell storm on the forums.

    If you want to own you're going to have to be good for your lvl now, whatever that lvl is. That means lots of unique rare items and lots of camping for those items at the higher lvls.

    For the person who came up with the example of a 149 doc healing someone, instead of the result that you managed to come up with, lets look at what would really happen.

    A lvl 149 doc thinks he is safe in a pvp zone and heals all his 150+ buddies, then a 190 soldier burst/fling/FA's his arse back to reclaim.

    Plug that into your reasoning and you should come up with a different opinion of the change.

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    make it lvl 1-200 FFA and all zones at 25%, now we talking w00t w00t! :P
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    50 level 190+ clan members cant keep 6 level 149 omni members from destroying their entire base... good idea? I think not
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    the new pvp cap ois pretty poo...
    it was one of the only reasons i actually level (so i can gank level 75s) now i may as well just stay at the level im at at the moment.
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    Originally posted by Centurion3
    50 level 190+ clan members cant keep 6 level 149 omni members from destroying their entire base... good idea? I think not
    Of course they can.

    PVP ranges.

    This really isn't that complicated.

    Oh look the PVP range for level 200 is levels 150 - 200... so level 200 towers would... oh... look they also have that same limit... whoa... So your little team of 149's are useless against that base.

    Also for your team of level 50 190+ are you saying they're all 193+ since that's the PVP limit and all.

    A level 149 can PVP with levels 114 - 193.
    A level 150 can PVP with levels 115 - 200.

    I fail to see the problem with this.
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    the towers use pvp level limits too? Did not know that
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    They do for defending, but not attacking. That is, a level 149 that wanders into a QL 200 tower base won't be shot at. The 149 guy can still shoot the towers though. In that case, he can and will be shot at by all QL 200+ towers in that base.
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    Alright, guess there wont be much guildwars between the lower level guilds though, but oh well
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    Originally posted by Minivasn

    If an attacking team can't kill anyone because of a Level 149 Doc, I'd start asking if the attacking team was composed entirely of players who bought their characters on E-Bay.

    lol yea that or the team is composed entirely of MAs and Engis..........funcom is awsome....

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    i also fail to see a problem with this change. All it essentially does is protect the lvl 75 to 120ish crowd which is a good thing.

    As mentioned before anyone within certain lvls can PvP. I recall at lvl 33 fighting a lvl 36 player at 2ho. heh we were both shocked to see each other there within lvls.. it was a panic attack fight..
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    Thumbs down

    Inside tower areas lift this rule, it has no use. I find it annoying to have greys running around just looking at's weird. I don't want to fight a level 77,89, or 103, just make it were the greys can't run around w/out fear of being attacked, makes no sense...I'm sure somebody has a 'brilliant' answer for this, and I realize it sounds .....well sounds alittle off, but its el retardo to have to log on somebodies twink in hopes of eliminating the little bugger.

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    I want free-for-all... its an war after all and this way is just tedious...
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    What really happens after you are part of the attacking force of a tower is that you are flagged for PvP and anyone can gank you regardless of your level. I know this from personal experience and let me tell you it wasn't fun.
    Last night in Newland Desert the clans launched an offensive against an omni QL 75 tower set up. Only one omni showed up to defend and he was level 160. After we managed to blow the towers up, including controller, the level 160 proceeded to wipe the walls with everyone that is outside of his normal PvP range.
    I have a level 88 soldier and I was facing the reclaim booth in a mere 3 seconds after he attacked. A level 50 clanner was killed by the same level 160 omni etc... I died from ganking from higher levels two more times due to being flagged PvP and those levels were 150 and 180.
    In fact it was so bad on being ganked that a 165 clan doc and a 160 clan fixer threw DoTs, Roots, debuffs, and then rehealed me up to start the process over again. That went on for close to 15 minutes before I got so angry that I /quit myself just to be able to talk to the ARK that I was talking to about this. Oh and you can't attack other people while you are PvP flagged only they can attack you, regardless of their level.
    Basically this is open for abuse and as I've stated it is abused by the higher levels to grief and gank lower levels just to pad their titles. Let see how much fun you have being level 88 and below attack a tower to be flagged PvP then proceeded to be ganked by every jerkoff that is extremely higher than you on every side of the fence.
    Heck, I was even targeted and attacked by level 200s only because they were seeing if it could be done. Let me see level 88 vs the levels mentioned means that I have no chance of suriving beyond 2 or 3 seconds and do no damage to them whatsoever. Umm right that's fun uhuh. Have one of your alts go attack a tower to be flagged then live for 4 hours with that PvP flag and see how many times you're ganked/griefed by really high level players.
    As it stands my guild will not be attacking anymore towers and will not defend the towers of the two guilds that the clanners that were griefing me as well as a few other guilds that are allied with mine.

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