twice today i calmed a mob and crashed shortly thereafter.

when i logged back in i found myself lying on the floor with the calmed mob raping me.

if this is a lag issue please explain to me how a mob that on my client is shown to go out of combat stance after my message of successfall spell completion flashes by can stop shooting and resume it as soon as my char goes ld???

on a side note i also lost the mission reward because i completed, crashed and did not receive anything on return.

this is extremely painfull for me since the only joy i have left in ao is playing around with unusual alts and i am forced to equip them purely by calming through missions with my bureaucrat because the ingame shops are not worth 1 credit.

as a calmer i live with the sync bug, the usefullness of pets, the redundancy in higher levels because of broken risk reward and with boss mobs immune to everything i do.

i think its enough so please get this crap fixed!