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Thread: Bag inside bag

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    Bag inside bag

    I lost a bag with all the weapons I would ever need ql50-200 on my alt when I took it out of bank, 2-3 weeks ago.
    Tonight I found it, it was inside another backpack in bank
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    Would you like to sell me your bag in a bag?
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    Yeah had the same thing.
    Server was really lagging and I was switching a couple of bags around, and suddenly one bag was gone.

    Found it after a lot of searching inside one of the other bags I had just transferred as well.

    You can take it out, and all was still fine.
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    So, I guess it wouldn't be all that tough for them to allow us to put bags inside bags. It must be at least partially coded already. Would be nice to be able to put bags inside bags whenever we wanted to.

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