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Thread: Tokens broke?

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    Tokens broke?

    I am lvl 63 Fixer with 250 tokens. I did not get the health and nano bump. Do I have to be a dif lvl to get that or is it a bug?


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    You can upgrade to the 250 board anytime in title level 3 (so from level 50 to level 99) or above. Assuming you did upgrade the board, you might want to petition in game, as it does sound like it's a legitimate issue. If you haven't upgraded the board, yet, 'use' it (make sure you have a top inventory slot open), and then wear it again.

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    Top slot? I put in the bottom of my inventory? I do not remember doing this for the last time I upgraded my board. I will do that first. Then petition. I could use the xtra 350 H & N

    Oh the board does shoe the "Dawn" symbol so it is there...


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    Well, you do have to wear it. When I upgrade mine, I just 'click' on it to 'use' it, and it moves from my neck to the inventory. Then I put it back on, and get the bonuses.

    If yours isn't working (and one of my characters just upgraded within the last day or so), your character probably needs to be examined, as I think (I'm sorry to say), it might be something with the character itself.

    The board will show the right number of 'symbols', even when not worn.

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    Yeah I was wearing it. I did take it off right click on it, shft clicked it 2 show me the goods then put it back on my back and then right clicked to show on my character.

    I will talk to a GM tonight..


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    I wish you the very best of luck, in that case, as the bonuses are important ones, for any character .

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    I know I want all the stuff I earn...


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