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Thread: Freezing up after using elevator buttons

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    Freezing up after using elevator buttons

    Ever since the patch, I've had freezing problems when using elevator buttons in missions.

    I think this is a client and server synch issue, but please fix it.

    In every other team mission when I use the elevator button everything freezes up for 30 seconds. I can't move or click anything. My team members and mobs do not show up on the map either.

    Unfortunately, if I'm the first one to go up and this happens.. I usually get frozen for 30 seconds, then get spammed with a dozen hit messages from whatever mob is in the room before I'm sent to a reclaim term..

    That reclaim term owes me a couple million exp this week..

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    im having the same problem
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    I've experienced this problem several times as well.

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    Yup, me too. Never had it before 14.6 but I'd had it twice since.

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    I allways thought it was just me.
    Guess I was wrong

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    same here
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    Yup - been there, done that, died before I could get my hands on a T-shirt...
    Also only experienced this after 14.6.


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    Chalk another one for me.

    Tons of synch/zone/crash/lag/skipping errors since the patch....

    /me sobs and moans how he doesnt even log on to play since the patch.

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    Carmilla - 210 Shade
    Zerosnake - 220 Agent

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    Me as well. I'm not entirely positive but it only seems to happen the very first time that I go from the first level to the second level, and not for any subsequent level changes, even subsequent first level to second level changes.
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    Happens to me too. BUMP.

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    please fix asap


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    I got it too, i even freeze up when trying to zone to Omni Trade. The rest of the zones go allright (well have not tested TIR and the other clan cities)

    It happens at any button even at boss button, well i don't like to freeze when i'm trying to enter boss room, i was glad the team was keeping me alive.

    So i quickly Close AO by using Taskmanager and restart AO and hope to be back online before i'm dead, so far i made it, there will be a day that i'll be looking at reclaim terminal if this bug keeps on being around after 14.7

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