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Thread: A Question on the Notum Wars

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    Question A Question on the Notum Wars

    Just a quick question. Will the Notum Wars be downloadable/purchasable from the site, like the full game is, or do I have to go and buy it from a store?

    Told you it was quick.

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    And I'm going to give you a real mean answer...

    If you bothered to check this forum at all you would have found numerous threads dealing with and answering your question about downloading and even shipping.
    If you bothered to check AO's main site you would have found the answer to if you are able to purchase it from the site.

    Now, I suggest that you do some research, it will take you all about ten seconds to find your answers since I'm not telling you!
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    Its not downloadable. Now excuse me, I've got to run as the regular crowd's elitist response has been overrided.

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