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Thread: Reloading bug with Boosted Hellspinner

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    Reloading bug with Boosted Hellspinner

    When I reload my weapon manualy, I get the message that it's loading. Just to make sure, I reload again and get the "Already loaded" message. Now I fire off a Full Auto and occasionally I get a hit with x bullets (x = varies from 0 bullets to 5 or 6) then I get another reloading message. Clip size is 20, so even with a 13 or more bullet hit I should still have enough to fire a burst also. I've noticed this several times and wanted to see if anyone else has noticed this problem with the boosted hellspinner or any other weapon.
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    If you fire a FA, you shoot the whole clip empty, but you hit only with x bullets. Then you get a reloading message..... you cant burst before this message appears. Thats normal with every FA gun. But I would recommend to 1. Burst, 2. FA
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