Ok, so dying in Camelot was always annoying. You have to wait through rez, and someone on the other side probably got title points for it. Then, you might have to get an engie to warp you back into the right playfield.

But now, with no warping, getting sent out of the playfield can be an outright ban from the conflict. It totally stinks to get tossed out of a playfield where your side is competitive into one where you're grossly outnumbered. You know there's a fight going on - one that you were just in; but now you're locked out of it by game mechanics.

I'd like to see a change where once you get into a GS, you can keep getting back into that same GS as long as it still exists. You could still prevent having more than 60 inside by spawning another playfield as soon as chars from 60 different accounts have gone into one - regardless of whether or not they're still there. Then close the playfield when the last person has left. If done on a per-account basis, this would even allow you to log out the character you're using and bring a different character from the same account into the same GS for killing spies or whatever.

If there's a bright side, the current system does help to discourage zoning out the front door or gridding out of a fight.

And, yes, your su****ion is right. I got killed at least twice at each of the last 2 raids I attended, with troubles getting back in every time. I may be getting killed, but I still want back into the fight.