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Thread: No exp for killing enginer and meta-phy pets

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    No exp for killing enginer and meta-phy pets

    In several missions since the last patch I have encountered engineers and meta-phys that spawn there pets of course they were orange mobs and there red spawns (That Funcom fixed!!!) werent a problem. But when I killed the mob and there pet was still attacking me. I get mob exp but when I kill the pet there is no exp rewarded and no loot at all.... Can this bug be fixed?
    Loot no problem the the red pet should give me some exp at the very least.....

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    This is intentional. Since pet-owner mobs can chain-cast pets, it would possible to ignore the pet's owner and kill pets over and over for XP.
    Yes, I agree we should get XP for killing red pets (otherwise where's the reward for the risk?) and IMHO the pet-owner mobs should only cast one pet, ever, to avoid exploits.

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    Having no reward is bogus. Even if you're careful about deliberately targetting the owner only, in big fights things get confused and a player might auto-counterattack to a pet's attack, then you have to take it out.

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