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Thread: Disappearing Boss Mob in Mission

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    Disappearing Boss Mob in Mission

    I've been soloing team missions. The last one I did, I killed about 15% of the mobs before heading to the boss room. The boss was a little too tough, so I left that level and killed a bunch more mobs, leveling twice in the process. After having killed about 85% of the mobs, I was low on ammo, so I left the mission to resupply. When I got back to the mission, I killed the rest of the mobs before heading back to the boss room. When I got there he was gone. I still had 4 hours remaining to complete the mission. I picked up the object in the boss room and got my token and reward items.

    Three missions ago, I killed all the mobs and then headed for the boss room. He caught me by surprise hitting me with a nano that did over 200 damage (I was lvl 22 with less than 600 max health), killing me. After reclaiming my stuff and getting over rez shock, I went back to the mission. Again, no boss in the boss room. Time was still left to complete the mission, which I did, getting my reward.

    The only reason I did these team missions was for the boss loot. I'm very disappointed the boss mobs were gone both times I returned to the boss room.

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    Unhappy Happened again

    Just happened for the third time in four missions. I got one person to team with me. I picked a team mission. I left team. Went in mission. Fought boss mob in boss room and was killed. Came back to mission, and no boss in boss room. My mission has 3 hours left for me to complete it.

    Could this be because I left the team? Maybe next time I should ask the other team member to leave the team.

    This "bug" seems to be repeatable. I think it may be occurring because I left the team (before entering mission), entered the mission (the boss was there), and then left the mission. Since I had the mission key, I could come back in. Question is, did the boss disappear when I left the mission (twice due to dying and once to resupply) or when I re-entered?

    Each time I was able to complete the mission after the boss disappeared and get the mission token and rewards. What I wanted, of course, was to kill the boss and get the boss loot.

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    Bosses swim thru ceiling etc

    This sounds familiar to me.

    Recently a boss walked into the walls and ca back swimming on the floor, then he disappeared for a while.
    Just when we decided to take the item and finish the mission the boss reappeared, swimming thru the ceiling.

    Finally someone managed to hit and aggro the boss, so that we could kill him.

    Probably the boss was only swimming around in the walls...

    If you don't believe me, I took screenies...


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    Angry Bug still exists after latest server patch

    This is a repeatable bug. Just completed another mission in which the boss mob dissappeared before the time to complete the mission was up.

    I asked a person if I could temporarily team with her to pick myself a team mission. I thought the problem might be that I was leaving the team after choosing the team mission, so this time I let the other person leave the team. I then went to the mission, killed all the mobs except the boss mob, left the mission, came back with 3 hours remaining to complete the mission, and the boss mob was gone. I picked up the object to find and got my token and mission rewards.

    This has now happened in 4 of the last 5 team missions I've soloed.

    Is this how it's supposed to work? If the entire team (just one in my case) leaves the team mission and then re-enters, the boss mob disappears? Seems like an easy way to get rid of the boss mob if you don't want to fight him.
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    Up until now, as long as I didn't leave the team mission I was soloing, the boss mob wouldn't disappear, and, if I killed him, I would get the boss loot. This time, after I killed the boss and right clicked his corpse, his pack popped up and I could see all the items, but the pack immediately and automatically closed. I right click the corpse again, the pack again briefly shows it's contents and closes, and then the corpse dissappears. I wasn't able to loot it. There were hours left to complete the mission. I picked up the item to complete the mission just before trying to loot the boss and got my item rewards.

    I'm lvl 43 and just killed the boss mob by myself in a lvl 55 or 56 mission and I get no boss loot? Is this the way it's supposed to work if you solo a team mission?

    The previous times, when I left the mission and came back in, there was no longer any boss to even fight. Is this the way it's supposed to work? Does FC not want people to solo team missions? There's lots and lots of good stuff you can only get through team missions. Am I doing something wrong or illegal? Somebody answer me, please.

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    You certainly aren't doing anything illegal. My only thought while reading this thread was that you might have been close to the timer expiring, but you say that isn't the case. So, I'm not sure why you are having the problems you are having, but I do know that you are doing nothing against the rules .

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    We had a different kind of disappearing boss that was frustrating. For some reason one of the minions started attacking the boss, and fought it while we did. Because of an old fix for an exploit where people would drag unique mobs to guards so they could loot them when dead, we ended up with no XP for our efforts and no boss loot at all. Very frustrating. Left us feeling very ripped off.

    I wish I knew why the minion did that. Might have been an AoE from an NT boss, but I can't remember the boss type. Then again, I've seen same-sided mobs fight each other in missions even when I'm sure no NT was around.
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    This is continuing to happen. The last time, AFTER killing all the mobs in the mission, the person I was teamed with had to leave and quit our 2-person team. I apparently killed the boss mob on the last hit before taking the elevator (We were both very close to dying when I left the boss room). After healing I took the elevator back to the boss room, and he was not there--no corpse and no living boss, so I didn't get the boss mob loot. I then picked up the item to complete the mission and get my token and 2 mission rewards. Am I going to get an explanation of this? At least acknowledgement that it is a known bug? This is very, very easy to verify if you read my posts. Is anyone form FC reading this? Hello?

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    I hear that a neutral PC can pull a team mission with Omni and clan NPCs both in mission. This would leave me to believe that if a clan mob was in the same room with a Omni mob, they might fight.

    I'm only guessing here but I do know that Neutrals DO in fact get both sides of the faction when they pull missions.

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    While you are correct, Slades, that is not what is happening here.
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    Sorry for shouting in the last post. I submitted the post immediately after the boss mob disappeared again. Perhaps I should have waited 5 minutes to cool off. The post did express my feelings at the time, if that is of interest to FunCom.

    It occurred to me that the last two incidents may be related to problems I've seen a while back. At least half a dozen times, although not lately, something like the following happened to me. In solo missions, I would be fighting a very tough mob at the mission entrance. Both of us would be near death, I would fire one last shot and immediately leave the mission to heal. Sometimes I would actually see or hear the mob fall down dead as I was leaving. I would heal and come back in, and there would be no corpse. I did not got any xp for killing the mob, there was no corpse to loot, and my probability of getting a token would not increase. Usually I would kill all the mobs left in the mission and see that my chance for a token was between 92% and 97% or so. Once I actually did NOT get a token even though I had killed all the mobs.

    So, if the boss mob dies as I'm leaving the boss room, or, if I used a dot, after leaving the boss room, then I may not be getting credit for the kill.

    In some of the instances in which the boss mob disappeared on me, however, the boss mob was quite healthy when I left the boss room.

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    I have gone from lvl 90 to lvl125 soloing team missions.Having said that ive only once had a boss vanish .It was when i ran out of firstaid stims and gridded out and returned.So maybe leaving a team mission and returning is the culprit.I'm playing the same way now so im gonna try and recreate this to peg it down.Also 2 patches and 3 borked fixes have occured in that time span.I'm almost sure its the leaving and returning,maybe being the only holder of the team mission has something to do with it as well.

    But i have warped down a lvl to heal sometime and returned to boss..he rejuvanated a little but he was the same same.Something you are doing is different...location of missions are they the same?I usually choose missions all over the planet it seems to up the chance of better loot.I Got ga1 and ga2 and nullity 1 this way.And i always use random mission termanals from everywhere as well.I understand your being mad though,trying doing the way i do and see if it stops occuring.
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    No, loomis, I am not repeating anything as far as mission location or terminal location goes.

    I have noticed, in re-reading my posts, that 2 bugs can account for 6 of the 7 times I've had problems. Four times I left the mission and came back in. This seems to be the bug you encountered.

    Twice the boss was almost dead when I left the boss level and returned. I suspect that I killed him on the last shot as I was leaving the boss level once. The other time my doc had a couple DoTs on the boss mob and was almost dead when I left the level to heal. He probably died while I was not on his level.

    Yesterday I discovered that the bug I mentioned in my last post still exists. Actually it's even more of a problem since v14.7.1: "There’s now a delay after a mob dies before you get XP and looting rights. This is intended." My Enforcer was fighting a tough mob in the first room on the other side of the room from the entrance. I knew he was going to die first, but then I got an add. There was no way I could kill them both, so as soon as the first one died, I ran across the room and exited the mission. I was close to death, but used an Emergency First Aid kit to get back half my health. As soon as the blindness wore off, I re-entered the mission just to loot the body, knowing it probably wouldn't be there since I left the mission before I got the message aboot XP gained and looting rights. Sure enough it wasn't there. So I got no XP, no loot, and no increase in percent chance of getting a token.

    If you leave the mission after killing a mob but before getting the message aboot XP gained and looting rights, you will not get XP, there will be no corpse to loot, and you won't get an increase in percent chance of getting a token. The same seems to be the case if you kill a mob on one level and leave the level before getting the message aboot XP gained and looting rights. This includes the case in which a mob dies from a DoT while you are on a different level from him.

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