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Thread: Mission resets are *back*

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    Mission resets are *back*

    Okay, its been several months since I saw this one last, but yesterday my mission did a reset after I went LD. Please, please, please don't bring back that bug!

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    I don't think it's just a simple LD.

    I think the mission server crashed... and u get disconnected as a result.

    Somehting must have messed up their server code and cause it to become unstable..

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    I had a mission with three mobs in one room- I killed one, and the other finished me off. When I returned, there were again three mobs in the room.

    Is this the same type of situation you are referring to?

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    Nope. Not unless the mission server did a reset while you where rezzing.

    Will probably be better today as they do a server patch.

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    My level 21 alt character's team got completely wiped out, 13k xp down the drain, after a mission reset yesterday. What a burn.

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