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Thread: Clannet Host system admin's (RK2) Clan

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    Red face

    I think we should let omnis loot for us
    saves us this stupid hassles

    Nominees are: when EoT drops Shtylez and when other stuff drops Wudan99 should loot
    Originally posted by Knasbollen


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    Well I'm just now starting to partake, but it sounds like alot of people b*tch about Tara way too much, so I'll guess I'll check it out! and and yeah I nominate Dharin he is a bastard!!
    Layartic - I have no fear of falling but I hate hitting the ground!!
    Sunebam - What you want me to heal too!!??
    Shatterstarr - Just kinda relaxing to let your pets work!

    And a few other toons of no notable mention yet

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    After crit nerf, EQB is better than the EoT so...

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    but i think Shty deserves one more than that ****er aiolia
    Originally posted by Knasbollen


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    Re: Kirby

    Originally posted by Lorrides
    . . . it would be cool to find admins from each part of the world that can handle odd time tara spawns.
    Not only would it be cool, but really kinda necessary. Whats the point of clannet if every couple of raids is just the old lotto system? For my 2c's, all the names mentioned so for as potential admins would get my reccomendation.

    btw, yo ho lo bro
    Johnathgalt Rimor Clanner

    wtb crusader chant

    Succeeding at my job is like winning a pie eating contest where the prize is more pie.

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    So... it's a status symbol only?

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