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Thread: Clannet Host system admin's (RK2) Clan

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    Red face Clannet Host system admin's (RK2) Clan

    Hello all

    For all the clanners out there that have ideas for extending the clannet system admin list with some dedicated clanners for beeing hosts for clannet durring our raids..


    Also Possible to give your suggestions on : www.AOGuildleaders.Org

    Best Regards, Marlark

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    Two people I personally think would make definally make good hunt leaders as on alot and trustworthy:
    Sbje RK2 Soldier
    Sbee RK2 MA

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    Drkirby is almost allways in the raids and he can be trusted.
    But it would be cool to find admins from each part of the world that can handle odd time tara spawns.
    Lorrides NT RK2
    Veteran of w0t0


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    vote shiz and skystryke

    i can't play as much as now since next month So probably can't help hold the chat.

    but i don't think i have missed more than 1 tara every week lol
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    crats what r u waiting for ?

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    83 doc

    I am in China now . no AO this month .......

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    Me! Me! Me!

    I want to Ninja.. er.. I mean.. loot Tarasque and share his remains with everyone.

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    Drkirby is a decent choice

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    Sky, Shiz, Dio, Kirby. All good choices. Just not me please. It's a thankless job.
    Chadwick "Armaklaesy" Brownwood
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    diocj1-2-3-4 etc etc etc shiz,sky,drkirby all good choices

    And LOL eth
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    i can do the honor of leading even though i don`t do tara raids anymore.
    vote for me and do something right :-)

    Not a Rookie in the game of luve anymore :-/
    The man with no dream


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    Yes, I know that I am getting a rep for making trouble, but I have to make a comment. I think that this might not be the best way to get new people for admin.

    Like Arma said, this is a thankless job. Those that the majority feel that they trust now will soon if not be distrusted, face an undo amount of criticism. It seems like it is only time before another group doesn't like who is in power or in perceived power and gets upset. So this system is unstable.

    One method that I want to bring up in another post would provide individuals that want to contribute to Clannet and are at least repected by an active proportion of Tara attendees, if not all. I will go into more detail later, but it essentially boils down to one individual per active guild forming a counsil.

    The council memebers, with their guild's backing, would provide the individuals to administer clannet and would be a relatively small group of individuals that could make descisions regarding repercutions if individuals break some clannet rule.

    Now don't get me wrong, I am sure that most and probably all of the people suggested here would make great reps for their guilds. However, if there is no more stucture than that, people somewhere along the way will get bitter.

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    i still vote for me........

    i need my rookie back
    The man with no dream


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    OMG Thelcia. I don't think we need to create a United Nations of Rubi-Ka just to choose a few people to click the /invite macro, but that's just my humble opinion. Can't anything be simple? Or does everything have to be a big soap opera?
    Chadwick "Armaklaesy" Brownwood
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    Hehe Arma, please tell me that you realise what a big soap opera it is already. Tara is the most politically charged entity on Rubi-ka. It even has it's own forum hehe.

    I have put a ton of thought into this topic lately. I am actually very impressed with what Tara is making people do tho. In other games, interguild cooperation in much rarer and then, it is only on a much smaller scale. However, in AO, we have a bigger force to fight than other guilds -- we have Omni. And thus, the problems of interguild cooperation are very real.

    I have to wonder what the designers of AO truley hoped for in creating this game. The challenge that we are facing to solve a problem with hundreds of people and where trust and respect are rare is an extremely difficult one. I can only hope that we master is as well as we have shown to master BS missions

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    It's really not. It's actually very simple. You show up, join clannet, whack the piniata and roll on the candies. Grats to the winner and leave. Everyone that comes is included. Until they they pull something stupid and get banned. It's as simple as it gets.

    We don't all play this game like every log in is another episode of Jerry Springer.

    Anyway, the purpose of this thread is to chose some new clannet admin people. So please keep going with positive nominations.

    So far Shizadah, Skystryke, Diocj#, and DrKirby are nominated. anyone else like to nominate or bump*?
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    Chadwick "Armaklaesy" Brownwood
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    it isnt who runs it thats the problem. its the rules that arent enforced that is. i dont like armak for his traitorness to the clans, i think he should be banned from tara for his actions pulling omni to kill a clannet member. will he be banned? no. why? cuz there is always an excuse for everyones actions. but armak is right anout it being simple. but isnt enforcing a rule also simple? guess not. so if ur all gonna vote on people to run a system, pick people who can handle the stress, be impartial, and have the sack to remove someone for breaking the rules.
    -Rhalla OMNI Fixer RK2

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    Heheh... pick me.

    I like being a bastard.
    Gunned down the young. Now old, crotchety, and back.

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    i vote for Dharin, hes a bastard.
    -Rhalla OMNI Fixer RK2

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    we could just vote for the people we dont want. then see if anyone is left.
    -Rhalla OMNI Fixer RK2

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    I nominate myself. I think im gonna win too.
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    Xscape seems to be there a lot, and tho he's a mean bastard ( ) I think he can be trusted

    I like the other suggestions too.
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