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Thread: Player warning: Crowd Limiting System coming up

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    This is what i do to increase my framerate :

    1: I change my desktop colors down to 16 bits (This helps me atleast)

    2: I choose Medium Texture Quality, 16Bits Texture Colors Quality

    3: I highlight Compressed textures, then i set my resolution to 1280x1024x16

    I have a PIII 800, 256 SDRAM, with a Geforce II 32MB. at minimum framerate in a really crowded area it lays around 10-15FPS
    If this dosent help i sometimes, turn down World View Distance.
    I also rarely lag if not due to a server issue

    And about the Crowd Limiting System, /me likes.. Great job!

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    Post ok... some thoughts..

    alright... seems I should point out something..

    I"ve been thru what seem to be the "control zones" since the new patch has been installed.. and not all of them are PvP zones.. (though Ihavent ruled out the idea that they can BECOME PvP once a tower is up)

    the only real concern I got is in the limiting system.. what will happen to those who are just "passing thru"? (ie going thru the zone from one zone to another).
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    Systems do make a difference

    We have two computers running Anarchy on the same connection, not always at the same time. The faster one with the larger video card plays Anarchy with noticably less lag. In fact on that machine we always keep the view distance etc. cranked up.

    By the way its the slower one that is directly connected to the DSL modem and it always has more lag.

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    I see vultures circling overhead.This just keeps getting better and better.Don't use resources on known issues and problems.Create booster packs that suck and stretch resources more.My last glimmer of hope for this game to improve was snuffed out with this moronic idea.R.I.P.

    P.S.This says it all...."I am merely biding my time till SWG rolls out, and rest assured, SWG will be awesome simply because Verant already has a winning product out and knows how to spend money on programmers."Diddo
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    Talking Bye bye AO...

    Well AO, for did it at last. Your rating and public image has gotten so poor you are finding it hard to get your game on the shelves in the main stream stores.

    Guess all the warnings and pleading that us players have done was for nothing.... You still pile in more restrictions while the game gets laggier and laggier...

    Well people, all I can say is thanks for the fun times we had, many of you I will remember well. For now with the avent of Notum wars I must leave, as around the corner comes yet another expansion pack and then another... sucking funds from loyal players, who already pay a monthly sub.... shame on you AO, and shame on your excuses.

    I have had fun here, and dont regret the past, but in my future at least another online world is waiting for me, but its not here.

    Good luck people, and may you all have a peacefull new year.

    God bless.

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    Angry Post Script

    Sorry to bring this back from the dead but....
    Having now participated in a large fight in BS attacking omni towers in a fairly texture ambivilent enviroment.

    Is isn't our machines, period.

    I could maintain about 10 fps throughout the fight, choppy but survivable. However I couldn't cast, zone, sit or do anything other than chat.

    The servers event queue was full, and I summise that overflow was disguarded, eventually everyone was booted.

    There were maybe 30-40 people there? This is why FC want crowd limiting, because their servers are crashing and burning.

    Which really upsets me to be honest

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    Angry f%%kin suxx!!

    omg crowd control blows!!! cant even defend towers cuase peeps defedin r gettin warped out of the freakin zone!! wtf?
    cant even get to the fight in time becuase crowd contol by tir wont lety u zone out there!!! wtf???? pathetic!! hope my technical and positive feedback helps hv a nice day!!

  8. #188 ONLY beef so far is that I was fighting in NDL today, just outside the wompah, and suddenly found myself in rhinoman valley, getting aggro from a rhino Took me forever to run back to my team.
    Well, the rubber-banding is kind of annoying too....can't get to the wompah, because there's too many ppl around.
    Of course, not being able to log in because where you camped is crowded now is kinda annoying too.

    Hmmm.....the crowd control system needs work, I take it?

    BUT......not one stitch of lag throughout any of the PvP battles so far....and I'm on dial-up
    "Kill one man, and you are a murderer. Kill millions of men, and you are a conqueror. Kill them all, and you are a god."

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    hard time...

    I'm sad to see all of you so angry...

    AO is and stay a beautifull game for me and I don't think that the Futur space MMORPG wi'll be so logical in is background...
    and if EQ works well it's certainly because it's so ugly.
    it's the only one with a real explanation about Respawn and i like that...
    AO artist where greatly inspired, and the motion capture was greatly used... character's posture are gracious or grotesk but never ridiculous. and girls around are so cute ...

    lot of problems ? ok...
    I'm sure I've collected more Hard ware and software problem's than a lot of you (OS from MS, you know what I mean ?)!
    and I have some grief about the game too, about the mission, about the lag, about anything in fact, but :

    I think that Funcom will benefit from these 2 years experiences and maybe they will change significantly the engine in the forthcoming Shadowland...

    I hope that.

    and if i'll go to see another world it'll be mainly to travel in foreign land...

    IOmegha lev 83 MP...

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    Re: low end clients - too bad

    Originally posted by branedamug
    if 100 people attack 10 people - LET THEM. how else are you going to provide a simulated environement which pushes weaker factions to search out strong members, or ally with stronger orgs?
    Sorry but if that happened on RK2, then there wouldnt be one single Omni base left.

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    "The AO engine also lets you personalise your character to very large degree. Several body forms (meshes) plus loads and loads of different clothes and looks (textures). Any player is today of course free to move wherever he or she wants.

    If you connect these things you will see that we might possibly get a problem. People have experience what they call "lag" in many situations while playing the game. Usually this is when you get into an extremely crowded area with a lot of other players. To call this "lag" is actually a wrong definition of the problem. Most of the time this is not network lag, or the server running slowly, but what we call the "Resource Manager" loading new meshes and textures from the hard-disk of your computer or the loading of textures and meshes into the 3D card - to be able to display it all gloriously on your monitor "

    Funny, I pointed this out in beta phase 3 or something. There are just an infinate amount of possible texture combinations, with no two characters ever likely to look the same. It was a pretty silly way to design the game, since it would be "massively" multiplayer. Its the exact reason why in a game like EVERQUEST they limit the possible texture combinations, even more than you'd guess.

    In everquest, if you see two male wood elves in a plate bp it is the SAME plate bp texture. Even if they are different colors it is the same texture. This was one smart thing they did in EQ, it looks kind of cheesy with some colors, like they just slapped on some paint but it works well. Its a kind of overlay and is WAY less intensive than if black plate was a totally different texture than blue plate.

    Meanwhile, I rapidly saw in the AO beta that apparently every bit of armor or clothing that is a different color is a fully different texture. This means that if you have one person in blue plasteel and one person in white plasteel, right near each other, you are loading twice the plasteel textures.

    As far as the slowdown, I finally kind of fixed it for me. I upgrade my ram so I have 768 now and am in XP. I set some setting in cacheman like to use system ram mostly for applications instead of in the disk cache/virtual ram. Then I pumped my view distances and such up and ran around in omni. At the worst in cacheman I used 9 meg of my virtual swap and 690 meg of my 768 meg of ram. 768 seems to be the sweet spot, with more being fine also. At 512 meg I was quite a bunch slower.. because I'd maybe be using 480 system ram and have a couple hundred meg swap. Even around like 17 players I was still moving pretty ok.

    For a texture problem like that, system ram makes the single largest difference it seems.

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