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Thread: PVP - I am now excluded from ever participating.

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    PVP - I am now excluded from ever participating.

    Were you guys listening to the endless posts saying "DO NOT LET THE PVP CHANGES GO LIVE?" Did you even hear people say that?

    I ventured out to Stret East Bank to see hoo this crock will work. I find an unsuspecting Clan Enforcer same level as me (62). I'm a Nano-Tech.

    Here it goes. I use Feeble Gravitational Anamoly, it's the strongest spell I have, it takes 9 seconds to cast and lowers your evades by 75 for 10 seconds. Realize, it costs me 1/4 of my nano pool to cast. The damage on the spell is ROUGHLY 700-1200 damage.

    Do you know how much I hit for?
    Take a wild guess.
    It's royally disgusting.

    I hit for 160 damage. 160! 1/4 of my Nano pool is gone and I just did 160 damage to an Enforcer who is probably pushing 2500-3000 life! I would have to cast my best spell 18 times to kill him assuming he never used a first aid kit, and it takes 1/4 of my nano pool to use!

    Humidity Exctractors are USELESS. It takes 8 minutes to regen from empty to full with the best one I can use.

    Thank you Funcom for not listening to your testers and excluding all NTs from PVP. You screwed our range, you screwed PVP, and you screwed me.

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    Actually, half the testers I saw, liked the PvP changes.

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    The pvp changes are a step in the right direction. now they just need to sort out profession balance.

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    Try a nano that doesn't use melee, projectile or energy. You spent all the damage on the AC of the enforcer. At least on the test server the damage was halved then AC applied making low damage fast weapons very very useless. Try something that does radiation damage or poison might do better damage depsite being a lesser nano.

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    Without our range we dont stand a chance in pvp:

    Ranged opponents: Root is useless against ranged now, cause we got the same range now so it is no point at all with rooting a ranged opponent. I cant stand toe to toe against any ranged weapon and kill the opponent before he kills me.

    Melee opponents: Rooting a melee opponent is still useful to a certain degree, until i throw my 1st DD nano, which breaks the root. I am not able to launch a new root before he is in melee range and cuts me in to pieces with specials and hits for 1k dmg with normal hits.

    Root is now only a runaway nano, just incase you survive the first hit, you can root and run like h**l.

    NT is a worthless PvP prof now, we cant stand toe to toe against any opponent and expect to win, unless the opponent is extremely clumsy or n00bish.

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    They nerfed pillow
    They nerfed our range increaser
    Nano dont cost half but do half dmg
    Humidity s**k hard in a fight of 30s in PvP
    Healer still heal for 100% not 50% like dmg
    Our new buff are simply not available or useless( anyone ever saw the 100% deflection shield?, if someone find one he will sell it for 1 million for sure ) and HP/AC is a waste of NCU.

    and can you explain how layered protection is suppose to work? Cause i really dont think its working the good way.

    good job guyz


    NT lvl 63

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    I honestly believe FunCom designers do not like NTs. That is why I am leaving for a week. If they havent fixed it by then, I am cancelling.

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    to all the NT's, pretty much all the casters got screwed and so did soldiers (tms in now worthless, which was the only thing that ketp us in PVP) our damage is half other people heal for double. grrrrrrrrrrrr. but funcom is trying to balance things out, they are trying to make progress. This is alot more then I can say for other games like Microshafts asherons call where mages are pretty much rule pvp and pvm. Yes things need to be fixed, yes this patch headed in the general right direction and yes there are alot of issues with it. BUT we are heading in the general direction we should.

    if you want PVP now be a fixer, they have ungodly evades, hit for great damage. Fixer the new god of pvp... lol


    LVL 68 (now gimped) soldier

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    I agree to that PvP is going in the right direction now. I used to avoid PvP cause I do not like to be killed in one burst from a overrquipped weapon. But now bursts (and even my own Dimach) are used in a much better way in PvP.

    Monsters have much more health and players do not. I dont care if I dont do that much damage against a player. I think it is fun that the fights lasts longer

    Anyway those are my thoughts, I really like this PvP change.

    Watch out clanners, hehe...We might meet on the battlefield someday

    lvl 73 MA
    lvl 138 NT
    Rubi-Ka 1

    P.S. I do not say that the change was perfect, only that I think it is a small step in the right direction.
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    I just thought I'd add my thoughts on the new PvP changes. The way I see it, the -50% damage rule in 13.0 is much like a band-aid... it sure covers up the wound, but doesn't really heal it. Pre-patch, super twinks can annihilate the average joe in a few seconds. Post-patch, super twinks can annihilate the average joe taking "many more" seconds. Is that rebalancing?... no, it's just a parallel shift because twinks still have superior damage compared to joe.

    If anything, you now have more time to flee battle. That's nice, but everyone fleeing battle before their health runs out is not my idea of PvP. Pre-patch I almost always stay till the battle is over. Post-patch, and after 3 recycles of burst I realize I will lose for sure and make a run for the wompa since it's such a viable option. Run-run-run... and I make it safely. I felt a little bad for the guy attacking me because all his hard work and no kill... running was pretty easy. Don't get me wrong, I like having battles last longer than they used to, but 50% seems a bit much. If fleeing battle is fairly easy for ALL classes now, then a fixer with his run buffs won't seem that advantageous as it used to.

    I heard someone mention another solution to prolong battles (instead of the the -50% rule) by increasing HP. But this will also cause many problems such as the HP buffs. Then I thought about having each piece of armor (or anything AC related) add more AC than it used to in order to prolong battles... but that in turn would hurt the weak but fast hitters.

    The best solution that I can find (and an alternative to the -50% rule) is to fix the idea of overequiping. Balancing out the super twinks, and NOT "everyone's damage", will balance PvP much better.

    Dragonsphere, I have an MA too (only lvl 47 though) and know what it feels like to not be able to "twink your fists" to the extent that other classes do with their weapons. In 2ho (before 13.0) I ran into an enforcer that attacked my MA. One swing with his support beam and I was dead, with overkill to spare. Now with the -50% rule intact he may have killed me in 2-4 hits... plus he didn't even brawl me in the first fight. That still doesn't seem balanced. What DOES seem balanced to me is if the enforcer didn't swing a super twinked beam at me in the first place.

    Anyway, just my thoughts.

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    A twink, should smack a non "Twink"
    Why? Because he's got better weapons/armor.


    No matter what you change, he is always going to win because he has better weapons/armor

    I ASK YOU.

    Where else is the *skill* in this game? Not very much either way. I think this patch is a GREAT step. I feel heals *may* be a bit overpowered. I say that AC should be calculated BEFORE the halving of damage. That would speed it up a bit.

    But still. A 2 minute fight is much better than a 2 second one, and I doubt anyone can disagree. Want to fight/duel where people cant run? MMD. They can run, but there aint a zone too close like in 2HO or the various arenas.

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    I agree, you NTs got left behind in this patch and it isn't fair. As a fixer, I love it personally. I finally have a chance to compete, but I realize that the fix was not a good one.

    Instead of fixing things utilizing an across the board change, they should really have fixed things where they were broken, on the individual profession levels.

    Is this harder to do? Yes. Is if FAR more appropriate though? Definitely.

    How long will FC work around a problem instead of going to its source?

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