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Thread: Mobs still fighting after death

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    Mobs still fighting after death

    What's the deal with that ? Happen very often now and it's not lag related.

    I even get the XP from killing it and is still standing shooting at me for 2-3 sec before the death animation start !!!!

    It's often like that

    You hit mob for 100 of damage (Last blow)
    (Death music)
    You received 500 xp
    (Mob still standing and shooting)
    Mob hit you for 25 of damage
    (Mob Still standing and shooting)
    Mob finnaly die
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    I get lag damage all the time if I pull agro right before the mob dies. The mob is dead on the ground and I'm hit 3-5 times. I was instakilled once from that BS, the mob is lying on the ground and suddenly I fall over dead with no damage done to me on my screen. Alot of times when that happens I still have agro for a few seconds while the team is already gone and cant heal. So I always cringe at the end of a fight when I see attacked by.... and the mob is dead. Please fix this, its by far the most annoying bug of all!!

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