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Thread: Tarasque on RK1 Questions

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    Tarasque on RK1 Questions

    Im a noob to Tara, can someone explaine how it works here on rk1? and what does gs mean?


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    Tara on RK1

    As far as Omni is conerned on RK1:

    To "Get in" on Tarasque on RK1, you need to contact an administrator of Acambot (Skymarshal, et al.) If he deems you worthy (ie you're over level 150 I believe (may be 125, don't quote me) he will add you to bot. When a raid occurs, there is one leader.. I've been on several now, and more often than not that leader is SpyderV (great guy) or Skymarshal. They instruct the omnis what to do (rush the clan, form the kill teams, etc.) You really pick up everything mostly form being on the Acambot.

    The "GS" or "Group Selector" is what AO does when a dungeon is full (to avoid locking people out of a dungeon) AO spaws multiple instances of that same dungeon. There is a debate going on right now as to the current GS spawning scheme is how FC intended it or not, but nevertheless Omni or Clan will open up all 4 GSs, so Tara is killed 4 times per raid. Again, the leader will instruct you when to switch to a new GS.

    Now.. the reason 90% of the people show up is for the infamous Tara Loot (GPH, Dragon Flesh, etc... etc..) To let everyone have a chance at loot, there is a raffle that is done automatically by the bot (you have to register and enter the raffle) but it takes care of the rest. You are allowed ONE raffle per GS (So if Tara drops 4 things you want, you have to decide which one you want more).

    Anyways, that's it in a nutshell.. nothing too difficult. It's a little intimidating at first to a tara-newbie, but you'll catch on quick. Most of the guys are great.. willing to help you with questions, buff, etc.. just make sure you listen to the leader (SpyderV, Skymarshal, etc..) If you follow their instructions, youll be fine and will have a good time.

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    thanks for the info dude
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