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Thread: Work sux

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    Work sux

    Heh, I'd rather by playing AO.
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    Originally posted by Ripper
    Everyone needs a *little* break from AO.
    Not me...
    Adapt & Overcome

    {I may be dumb but I'm not a COMPLETE idiot!}
    (If I wanted it to be easy I would've chosen something easy, instead I chose Pistol ADV)
    The best place to find PAENE is on Rimor, where she'll most likely be doing some shopping!

    Or you could also try sending a /tell to:
    Nantessa (Nanomage NT - coz girls just wanna have fun!)
    Paene (Supposed to be my main but just goes shopping all the time)
    ... And others too numerous to mention

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    Get a new job! A good one - you know, where you can play AO all day.

    Oh - and when you get one, get them to give me one to!
    Please allow me to introduce you to the voices:

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