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Thread: 1st person view in Yalm

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    1st person view in Yalm

    Yes, was only wondering if the 1st person view in the yalm will be fixed in the booster. This is no major issue and I can understand that it have not been fixed earlier since there's more important stuff to fix. But since devs and designers are working at the new yalms, this should be a good time to ask this question.

    As it looks today, well it just doesnt look very good.
    But if u equip your yalm and face it down towards the ground it looks very much better. Thats the view id like to have all the time.

    Thats all

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    you mean how you see the front of your yal as your "head" clips through the middle? yeah... that's a bit annoying... malybe put the "head" to the front or somthing?
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    What would be a view simulating lokking out the window of the Yalm. Every vehicle's view should match the window's shape ans size.. That way you could actually get the perspective of being "IN" the cockpit.

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    Trenchwar, that'd be l33t, and stuff.

    But I don't think AO's engine would take kindly to that... the first person tends to be a static camera mount, instead of a new view... I suppose if could render some client-side 2d overlay when it detects you are in 1st person view with a Yalm... Ah well.
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    Supressing the clipping effect would just be good enough.
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    I've noticed on test (in at least), the yalm tends to disappear from the view at times, and reappear at others... rather disconcerting. If the view is to be fixed, it should be placed just above the yalm's hull so it looks like your 'in' the yalm's cockpit. I actually find having nothing in 1st person somewhat strange, having the yalm visible gives you something to 'point'
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    Along with a cockpit view, how about unleashing some of these air-vehicle sounds.

    Anarchy Online\cd_image\sound\sfx\vehichles

    Or maybe some new sounds.
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    Considering all the new vehicles in the Booster, hopefully they will attach all those cool vehicle sounds to the vehicles

    You know I'd like to see all the spell sounds in there two. Only like 1/3 are used and there are some really cool ones.
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    Re: 1st person view in Yalm

    How bout check boxes under F10 Misc:

    Show nose of yalm In 1st Person View

    That way every user can pick for themselves


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