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Thread: Tower Buff Ranges!?!

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    Tower Buff Ranges!?!

    I seem to remember that the benifits from the towers would be limitied to the range of te tower? Is this the case? I saw a lot of comments to the article saying how that it would unbalance the game play cause of the +25HP/Lvl but my understanding is that this is only when you are in range of the tower!!

    I personally am hoping for some massive Trade Skill advantages to be availilbe!!

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    My understanding is there are two, maybe three, types of bonuses from org towers.

    Type 1) An AoE buff that you only receive when within range of the tower, whether or not you have the booster pack.

    Type 2) An organizational bonus you receive no matter where you are on RK, but only if you have the booster pack.

    Type 3) (possible it's my imagination) Tower owner gets an extra bonus. This one may not exist, I am very, very tired.
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    Smile :)

    Thanks for the info!!

    Just checked the databse and it seems there are trade skill buffs as well

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