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Thread: Short questions about points in the new article

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    Short questions about points in the new article

    Everything seemed to be gettin kinda hairy on this board and i didnt want these questions to be lost, so if u have a question regarding the new article on the booster, keep it short and post it here - maybe Cos or Cz might actually even read it, and make it sticky (if we keep it short).

    My question was regarding the example of benefits, the health buffs. Maybe its just the wording he used, but am i to understand that one will only get the "25 exra health a lvl" for "every level they gain while in the guild"? What about L200 players? Is this bonus retroactive, or are we just SOL? Do we have to actually level within the guild after the booster comes out to gain the bonus? Will a L200 char instantly gain the 500 or 1k or whatever amount of health the moment the advantage is set into place?

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    My thoughts. If i understand this right

    Its sort of like a buff. If you leave the org or the org controller is destroyed then all buffs are cancelled. You don't literally gain 25 more HP per level as you increase in level you just get that many bonus HP depending on your level.
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    can we get a confirmation on this?

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    From the article ...
    Let me give you an example: A QL 100 advantage "buffs" health with 1000 points at level 200. Now, this advantage will give you 500 hits on level 100 and 505 on level 101 etc, etc.
    Looks pretty clear to me. Don't sweat it.

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