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Thread: Framerate Increase With 14.6?

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    Framerate Increase With 14.6?

    I was helping test the new patch on the test server and I noticed a significant increase in performance. I seemed to be gaining somewhere between 10 and 15fps in most areas. I thought this was perhaps due to the low population on the test server but I'm not so sure.

    The reason I'm not so certain is because it seems that the engine is working somewhat differently. I noticed that sometimes polygons seem to be getting drawn when the client's view changes. It's sorta difficult to explain. I'm guessing this could perhaps be due to the engine not rendering what the client does not see (HSR).

    So, has there been changes made to the engine or am I just a loon?

    [EDIT] I posted this on the booster/expansion pack forum because I feel this could be a very good thing for PvP battles (which is the focus of Notum Wars).
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    Well, for starters I hope your right. My experiments have show that the worst framerates are in the big cities, even without people in them. It seems with all those buildings to draw, things slow down a bunch.

    It does appear that they draw stuff that isn't needed in many places. Their hidden polygon algorithm doesn't seem to do anything for them (if the have one at all that is.) It would be great if they fix that with 14.6

    Of course, this will make the biggest improvement in the cities, where there is no PvP anyway. Fine by me, as I have no interest in PvP in AO. Real PvP for me is done in Americas Army Operations anyway.

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