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Thread: .. ooga booga back ..

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    Hur hur hur ooga.
    Originally posted by Whaambulance

    This is singlehandedly the stupidest post I have EVER read on these forums. Congradulations.
    'Balancing' Nanos Will Remain Imbalanced Vs. Old Nanos - Because We Said So!

    O Gaute, Gaute! Wherefore art thou Gaute?
    Deny thy nerfs and refuse thy lame design decisions;
    Or, if thou wilt not, be but on the forums,
    And I'll no longer be a whiner.

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    quiet in here

    ooga booga
    PLEASE, give use a simple YES or no answer as to whether or not the CoH chests can be opened

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    ooga booga
    Randa "Lesentia" Forejt

    Whisper's Edge

    "Why oh why didn't I take the blue pill..."
    -Cypher, The Matrix

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    Boogy w00gy?

    /me picks nose

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