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Thread: "Funcom Labs" comic

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    "Funcom Labs" comic

    I posted this on the Engiener forum and got a good response, so I decided to post it here.

    Originally posted by Seppubot
    Yup, I've been making stupid crappy comics using the super cool

    My comic revolves around a funcom employee and his wild and wacky adventures and resolutions to problems.

    Check it out here:

    Funcom Labs

    I ran out of ideas for strips, so depending on the reaction this thread gets, I might make some more (though I probably won't due to laziness)
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    Bitter much?

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    If they took alot off the reqs for casting that nano it would be pretty good.

    I like the comics, keep em coming!
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    bump for sepp
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    Nerf Engineers!
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    HAHA bump
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    Bump for engie fix

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    Blame Canada!

    ... and nerf engineers...
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    Part 6 was awesome.

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    LOL good stuff
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    OMG I Cant stop laughing, well done mate!
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    Hehehe. Good one.

    Keep it to the social forum though.

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    Part 3 is brilliant.
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    ROFL! Great man!

    Best part - Santa saying: But that nano sucks ass

    Can delete the Engi proffession and get a Santa proffession instead?
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    hehe nice work Sep
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    Hehe make more man better yet make it daily And make this Sticky!!
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    bump for good stuff
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    we need a part 8

    haha, this is the only thread that i can slack on spelling/punctuation...welcome to how i really type 70% of the time :P
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