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Thread: me for pvm?

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    me for pvm?

    i keep seeing me keepers running around in game recently.

    so what exactly are the advantages of going melee energy in pvm besides looks?

    does it have more dmg or better crits or something?

    also what kind of setup should i use if i wanted to go me? which weapons? (besides dusk and dawn)
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    At endgame ME does more damage than 2HE when you start stacking Add dmg and Crit and can be done without losing too much evades/HP.

    With 2HE you would need both Samurai and Reaver perked to make up some of the difference but its not really worth losing Blessing or Bio Cocoon.

    If you don't setup for DD than it honestly doesn't matter what weapon you choose.

    Before 151 there isn't really any reason to touch ME unless the thought of AI hammers for 150 levels excites you, "The Argument" is a just a slower Excalibur without fast attack tho it might just work in Sec10 when full agg with crit gear on heh.

    After 151 tho you get Special Edition Energy Rapier(s) which is your first Sneak Attack option with a decent dmg range + low MM req for a high ql AI ME hammer mainhand making it a viable pvm choice.

    After 201 your only new ME weapon is Dusk/Dawn of the Xan and is recommended to dual wield 2 of them when you get them as the crits on a second Dusk/Dawn do as much DPM as a 15 sec Brawl from a AI ME hammer.
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    Rockdizzle, is this right?

    Are you sure ME>2HE for DD?

    I've always stuck with 2HE just because I felt the DD to be superior.

    With reaver/coon/blessing/samurai and a crit/add damage setup my 220 keeper is pretty solid DD. I've never compared to another ME keeper, but I've always been impressed by his damage, in fact I play him as a DPS tank, because it's extremely difficult to get aggro off him without enforcer taunts.

    I haven't tried ME yet.

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    My keeper atm is 2HE also and runs Samurai/Reaver/Holy Mark/Coon for pvp and has nice dmg for a Keep but if I decided to go for a pvm setup for dmg and better tanking Id go ME.

    Keeps don't have many perks for DDing so its mainly your weapon(s) that are doing the DD and Dusk/Dawnx2 are much better as 1H weaps often are.

    More hits per minute for dmg procs, amazing crits on Dusk/Dawn and Samurai perkline which is arguably the better of the 2 dmg perklines.

    When comparing 2HE setup with Samurai+reaver perked and ME setup the DPM difference wont be very much so if 2HE is working for you atm than its prolly not worth retwinking but if you think having the extra 10 perks would help you than Id say go ME.

    If you want numbers I could do some parse runs, Ill have to retwink a test keep for that tho heh.

    2 items for free or super cheap DD that I use on my Keep in pvm if you don't already use them. ql1-5s cost 0.7-1.5 creds each with 2k+ CL, lands on most mobs without needing IP in grenade. should easily have the IP for RE as a Keep

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    Once I have internet at my new place, hopefully this week still, I can do some DPS dumps on the dummies.
    My Keeper is setup for both 2HE & ME and can happily swap between the setups.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rockdizzle View Post
    2 items for free or super cheap DD that I use on my Keep in pvm if you don't already use them. ql1-5s cost 0.7-1.5 creds each with 2k+ CL, lands on most mobs without needing IP in grenade. should easily have the IP for RE as a Keep
    Do those take on your add damage amount relevant to the damage type they do? or are they a set damage amount that's not modifiable?

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    I trried to swap ME and 2HE, and now pretty much play 2HE since it seems to do more damage... Those ME lightsabers are pretty dinky compared to pride of xan.
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    This'll be fixed for the next patch

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    I'm leveling a keeper now, and trying to do purely ME, but it's just not a plausible thing to do in the slightest.

    Right from the get-go. Only 2HE weapon provided. No Illegal OFAB ME. OK... Well, a pair of Energy hammers and Fixer +DMG OSB made the subway OK with lvl 10's I farmed from Arete Aliens. Even defiantly not putting any IP into 2HE.

    TOTW... Any reason the "*Energy* Scythe" can't be ME, and leave the Lego one as 2HE? Instead, I used 40-50ish Energy hammers again.

    Sockdolager. That looks pretty cool! "User Breed == Nanomage" Err.. Maybe not. I tried for a few hours to find this, too. None on GMI, and none dropped. Once again, Energy hammers to upgrade the 50-40ish ones.

    The Energy hammers aren't really bad, per say. They are just the only viable option until s7, really. There's no clear path for it, for a leveling toon, otherwise.

    And they look stupid. ME should be flashy light sabers, not a stupid mallet!
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    To McKnuckleSamwich: Yes both of them are affected by add dmg

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    best wep for a me keeper from 1-200+ is kyrz energy sword.

    and no 2h.edged does more dmg than mele energy pvm with cyber perkline+reaver witht he same add+crit setup as u would run with Me, this is just obvious and wouldnt realy even need to be tested unless you want to have something to argue about.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Le-Quack View Post
    best wep for a me keeper from 1-200+ is kyrz energy sword.
    Could of at least picked a better weapon when trolling as it gives it away too quickly lol.

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    Pardon the bump on an old thread, but I'm not entirely sure about this. Wish we had a high AC dummy to test on, but from what I've tested 2HE seems to do more damage than ME. I'm not fully equipped yet (missing Obitom's/Notum Amplification Coil, ACDC and haven't put on alphas), but I was wondering whether or not a crit scope is recommended? I've seen some fully equipped keepers with research device. Is that really better than a crit scope?
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    Crit setup with melee add dmg is still a very good setup. I'm missing 14% crit on my 2he keeper and he's still really decent damage.

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    2HE is more dmg. You get brawl, another perkline, a harder hitting weapon, but lose some hits per minute. The raw weapon damage between ME and 2HE is really similar. Brawl makes up for almost half the difference in the number of hits per minute, so I don't think you should worry about having a harder time keeping procs up.

    Here are some tests I ran (just normal perk setups, aura/blessing/samurai/holy mark/conc/cohi/crusade for ME, replacing blessing w/ reaver for 2HE):

    The ME builds are more optimized than the 2HE builds because I actually use ME, but 2HE still wins. The raw DPM numbers aren't the point here, just their relative values, but if you want to compare then here's the scenario: self-buffed with eye of the predator+db2, no procs running (I expect to have similar uptime on procs for both builds, so best not to run them for accuracy), no suicide symbs (sinew/cortex/berserker), and no wen-wen/grenades/kizzers/coffee/hasty augmentation cloud/lesser playful cub, so would be easy to get raw numbers significantly higher.

    And just to see I tried a run on the punching bag with all the bells and whistles except suicide symbs, still self-buffed, and got 322.4K DPM for the ME DD setup, an increase of ~30K DPM. Would see a similar increase for 2HE, putting it at around 360K DPM. To improve upon that you'd want HEOT, DB backpiece, ring of ultimate force swap (I used blue ring in all tests for consistency), ACDC, +dmg NCUs, the 3 suicide symbs, and a weird perk setup, dropping aura/holy mark for ambidextrous/freak strength/mountaineer and crusade for whatever primary/secondary is best DD for your breed I guess? And you'd want to look into how effective +crit vs +dmg is at that point, might be able to find better pants or boots. I feel like you'd definitely be able to eclipse 400K DPM against the punching bag.

    ME will be closer if you can reliably sneak attack though, say in an inf easy or something.

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